Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 185-186 (3/26-3/27/2015) Riot in the Chow Hall

Day 185 3/26/15
It’s been two weeks since I saw my counselor and I’m still here, trying not to get discouraged but it’s been 10 weeks and 71 days in receiving and I’m ready to go. On the bright side it was so quiet all day in our room now that H-Bang is gone. Silence is Golden!

The silence didn’t last too long, as we were getting ready for dinner, the inmates from housing unit 501 are starting to come out of the chow hall when the alarm goes off. We notice the officers running so it’s a fight and a big one, because next thing I know they have 8 women handcuffed and sitting in the grass outside the chow hall. There are cops everywhere including one with a huge beanbag gun. You don’t want to be shot with the bean bags because not only will you be “shot” you will be charged $75 for the replacement of each bean bag that they shot at you. The officers have moved the women that were outside of the chow hall when the alarm went off to the side as they are giving medical care to the 8 handcuffed women due to the pepper spray that was used to stop the fight.As they tend to the 8 the alarm goes off again and they going running in and bring out two more women in handcuffs. They now empty out the entire chow hall and have all the women sitting outside for crowd control.  After about 30 minutes the officers escort everyone back to their unit 10-15 women at a time. Once everyone is back in their housing unit the officer with the gun and her partner leave our yard. The sergeant is now working on getting all the officers statements and making sure everyone is finished being seen at medical. They release one of the ladies back to her housing unit as they are finishing up processing this mess, the alarm goes off again the cops go running to 501 it’s another fight. They bring out two girls, one is the girl they just let go back to her unit. The Officers lock up the two of them in the cages in the sergeant’s office while they move the 8 from the chow hall riot to R&R (receiving and release) to finish processing the incident. All 8 women are being charged with inciting a riot. The 8 are looking at possible additional time and they will definitely be doing some time in Ad Seg. (Administrative Segregation Unit). Finally over two hours later they release unit 503 for dinner. By the time they release us for dinner its 8:15pm, at dinner they had double the cops and they gave us two minutes to eat, they wanted us in and out quickly.

There were about 20 people fighting in the chow hall brawl, but most of them got away. The cops only arrested 8 and out of the 8 only 5 went to Ad Seg. It was no surprise that Peaches and Taya were two of the 5. The rumors on the yard started immediately everyone wanted to know how and why the fight started. Some said it was a race riot, Blacks vs. Mexicans, others said it was just a big fight. Ducey one of the 8 that got arrested said it was not racial that is had to do with some issue earlier in the day over in 501.

Story one was a window got broken earlier in the day and the entire room got shot gunned (Shot Gun: when the cops move all 8 women out of the room to new rooms and/or housing units) and the fight was about the broken window. Story two was that a Mexican girl was in Ad Seg. with Peaches and Ducey and she didn’t get along with them and when she got released from Ad Seg. she put the word out to go after them and that “hit” is what got the fight going. Story three was the fight was over a girlfriend (90% of all fights are over girlfriends) and final story was the fight was over some mascara.

"To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting."

Day 186 3/27/15
After the “riot” (in prison a fight involving 3 or more people is no longer a fight it is a riot) last night we woke up to extra security and a full staff for breakfast. Everyone got to and from breakfast without incident, but it didn’t last long as a fight broke out this morning in B hall. Two girls got into an argument and one cupped (Cupped-when an inmate uses their state issued cup and strikes another inmate in the face or head) the other and it was so bad she had to be taken in the ambulance. The fight delayed our program time (Program- the time given to inmates daily outside of their cell) but at least we got to program as C and D ( In receiving we are split up by the halls we live in A&B and C&D) did not get to program today due to last nights incident.
After dinner 14 plus officers with gloves, bags, and metal detectors head towards 501, it was a huge raid on the entire housing unit. When they were done they headed into our housing unit but only raided C and D hall. It’s been an insane week, never a dull moment in Chowchilla!

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