Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Days 177-179 (3/18/15) Pruno

Day 177 3/18/15

Today was a frustrating day, the morning starts off with a fight during AM program, then someone from C hall in our housing unit gets caught stealing books from the library, so all library privileges are over for the day. 
It’s finally our units day to shop for the month, but by the time its our turn to shop they are out of stock on everything. Then to top it off they gave out 24 muumuus and I did not get one. Will I ever get off of A-Yard? I just have to remember it can always be worse.

"Success is never final and failure is never fatal, it's courage that counts"

Day 178 3/19/15
After breakfast NayNay went to her friends room to braid hair, she trades places with Chelsey so there are not any extra bodies, so when the CO’s walk by there are 8 of us in each room even if its not the right room they really don’t pay attention, but go figure today they call NayNay for medical. So the porter comes by with NayNay’s pass and we have to tell her NayNay is in another room so she could give her the pass, well it didn’t work out and NayNay got caught, the officer hit the room she was in and our room. Our room was lucky he didn’t mess up to much, he took a few extras and thank goodness he didn’t find the Pruno (prison wine) they hid in the trash can. We got off easy, and NayNay didn’t even get a 115 for being out of bounds. Of course when NayNay gets back from medical she is all upset trying to blame the porter, but she got herself caught and if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime! Everyone knows what the risks and consequences are when you do dumb shit like this and it could have been a lot worse she should be thankful it was no big deal. No one gave her a hard time and if it was anyone else I don’t think she would have been so kind as we were to her.

Day 179 3/20/15
We wake-up to modified program due to being short staffed again, well happy Friday! We just got our room hit yesterday for one of our roommates being out of bounds but that does not stop Missy from going across the hall and hanging out with her girlfriend. Missy had a dukat and instead of coming back to our room she goes across the hall. We may not program today because we are on 1st watch status and Missy knew that but still goes over there, she is so stupid, but she gets on my nerves so I don’t mind that she's gone all day. 
At 2pm we have shift change, we are no longer on modified 1st watch status but we have not been released to program, so they start panicking across the hall. They get a brilliant idea to ask for a plunger, they get their door opened and she's now standing in front of our room; seriously how dumb are you? Obviously that plan did not work and she gets caught. We are all irritated just waiting for our room to get hit again, well lucky for Missy our housing officer is sick and does not hit our room but we all lose program.Everyone is outside except our room and room 5 across the way, we are stuck inside and everyone is pissed off. Everyone wants Missy out, yelling at her to pack her shit and find a new room. 

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