Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Days 175 & 176 (3/16/15) Pretenders and Know it All's

Day 175 (3/16/15) 

Monday, the start of a new week. Today started out the week good. The day went by fast and we got our full long program. Plus, our room was nice and peaceful this morning. Missy was gone all day on ducketts and everyone else either read or slept. These types of days are rare and I enjoy every second of them. 
At dinner, H-Bang got caught receiving kites from “over the wall”. The workers in the chow hall are “over the wall”, so they are always trying to pass kites and items we can’t get on A-yard (make up, razors, certain hygiene items). They were passed where we turn our trays in. H-Bang is never low key and always brings attention to herself so of course she got caught. They pulled her to the side and searched her and confiscated her 3 kites. NayNay got caught in the sting too today. She got caught bringing food back from the chow hall and made her throw it all away. I always eat my food on the chow hall. I’m not risking going hungry, plus I don’t like eating in our room. 

Well, another fight in room 4 today. This is now starting to get out of hand. Missy got smart with NayNay and that was it. NayNay doesn’t really like Missy so, a little attitude and that was it. NayNay went off, then Missy goes over to the window and starts crying to her girlfriend in room 5. Then, another girl in room 5 is asking what’s wrong and assumes that it’s H-Bang, which drags H-Bang into it. That’s it, everything blows up. H-Bang wants to fight Missy now. Missy and H-Bang are yelling at Missy. Missy is trying to tell H-Bang that everything was blown out of proportion. H-Bang wants to fight people in room 5 as well screaming down the hall that it’s going down tomorrow at program behind the porta-potty. Again, a loud mouth telling on yourself. Who does that ? I’m really starting to think that H-Bang is all talk. That it’s just a front that she can kick ass and just because you are 5’10” and act like you’re a man, we are supposed to be afraid of you. I have never once been afraid during all her tirades and hoopla. I have not seen her do a damn thing and the fight she got into that got her in AD SEG, she didn’t even win. She was twice the girls size. If you stand up to her she backs down. She plays on peoples fear. It’s sort of pathetic and I’m so over the drama, bullshit, and all the heat she brings to this room. I just want to get off this yard without any problems. 

Day 176 (3/17/15)

Happy St. Patricks Day ! No wearing green today, as we only wear orange. A bunch of carrots all across this yard. 

No fight or “get down” today of course not. H-Bang didn’t even go out to the yard, so lame. But, Missy didn’t learn her lesson from last night. She’s on everyone’s last nerve right now. She is an expert at everything and anything. She is very rude, talks over people, interrupts everyone, butts into conversations she’s not in, and gives advice even when it’s not asked for. She has been to prison before, yet she acts this way ! Just because we have not been to prison, doesn’t mean you can come in this room and take over. It’s not happening, we already told her to pack her things and that she needs to move out. She says it’s in the works. It better be. She has been nothing but drama and a problem since she got here. Saturday is when they do “courtesy moves”, we told her what to do, but of course we don’t know what we are talking about. She knows it all and she’s going to do it her way and when it doesn’t work, I’ll be laughing. I hope she’s not surprised when all her shit is packed and out the front door. 

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