Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 172 (3/13/15) Snitches Get Stitches

Day 172 (3/13/15) Day #59 in Classification 

Friday morning. Still on a high from yesterday. I want to go so bad, I am excited, but don’t want to get my hopes up too high. I don’t want to be disappointed. There are lots of women on this yard for 4-8 weeks after seeing their counselor. But, I’ve seen others leave in 1-2 weeks, so anything is possible. I just have to be strong and stay positive. My time will come. 

“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are “Something to do, Something to love, and Something to hope for”

Got to go to the law library today. I got to take a trip through B-yard and then to the main yard. It was so beautiful. I took my time and enjoyed the walk. Everything is so much better and taken care of over there. The library was actually smaller than I expected. There was not much we could do until we are endorsed, classified, and off this yard. But, the three women that worked there were very helpful and went over a lot of information and answered all our questions. I’m glad I went, it was a nice break to get out of my room and a pleasant trip “over the wall”, even though it was temporary. Because it is “over the wall”, we have to be escorted, so it’s time to head back. I’m in my own world, just enjoying being outside. As we are leaving the main yard, we got through a security gate / checkpoint that takes us back to B-yard. As I enter the gate, the girl in front of me gets “run up on” by a woman on B-yard. She starts yelling at her and starts swinging. I’m like WTF ! I back out of the gate and watch this woman go off. She’s punching and takes the other woman to the ground. Just beating the crap out of her and screaming “You snitch ! You told on me ! I lost my kids because of you !!”. The officers let them fight, then told them that that was enough. The woman wouldn’t stop, so they pepper sprayed them both. That didn’t stop the woman, she kept on beating her. They finally pulled her off the other woman and took her into the building. They picked up the the beaten woman (Flo), handcuffed her and hauled her back to A-yard. They were talking to the woman that did the beating (Astro), they were trying to calm her down. But, she kept saying how she had lost her kids because of Flo. It was very sad to see and hear. When I heard the officer say her name (Astro), I had heard of her before. H-Bang talks about her. I believe they are from same neighborhood and gang. Flo is from the same area as well. I guess Flo talked to try and get out of trouble and her talking got Astro 12 years in prison and her kids taken away. In the end, Flo ended up getting 30 years and is now a snitch. She has a long road ahead of her in here. Some people may joke about this saying, but in here, it’s no joke, it is very real. “Snitches end up with stitches and end up in ditches”, and that is the truth in here. That fight was like “Welcome to prison”, this is real shit. Flo just got here on A-yard yesterday. She is still in a muumuu, but was able to go to the law library. Which is not normal. What I’m saying is, “they” made that happen. It was set up that way. I guess Flo knew she was going to have the “catch that fade”. Prison life. 
I’m learning about gangs, life being in a gang, and life on the street more than I ever wanted to know. It’s crazy, and they live and die by these rules. This is no joke and I think a lot of these women playing games and being dumb on A-yard have a huge wake up call coming. 

A fight broke out in 503 on the way to dinner. It was a lot of in your face shit talking. Then one of the women shouldered the other and turned around to walk away and the other woman swung on her. Then, it was on. They brawled. The cops came in and broke it up. But, one of the women got clocked with a cup and was bleeding all over. 

Just a “normal” day here at the Central California Women’s Facility. The Wild Wild West. No security levels here, all mixed together. 

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