Monday, August 31, 2015

Days 168 & 169 (3/9/15) The DA loves to add years in here

Day 168 (3/9/15)

It’s Monday. Hoping and waiting everyday I get my dental duckett and / or see my counselor. Once you see your counselor, you are super close to going “over the wall”. It should be this week. 
It was a nice quiet day today. Our room has settled down. H-Bang is tyring to behave and keep a low profile. But, it’s a real challenge for her. On Friday, our housing officer said he had his eye on “A Hall” and that helped to quiet it down. Let the heat lift off our room. 
Late this afternoon, they came and arrested Marie. She’s across the hall. We thought maybe Star had changed her mind and pressed charges, but that was not the case. The DA picked up the case because of Star’s injuries. Off to AD SEG she went. Now, she’s looking at additional years. It’s scary how easily you can come in here and never go home. They say Madera County loves to pick up cases. I can’t wait to get out of here. This is why it’s so important to keep to yourself and stay out of the mix and drama. 

H-Bang couldn’t help herself today and as 501 was walking to dinner, she was up in the window banging and yelling and “Ms. M” (Officer) came to our room and said to her “I have to move you to a room not facing the yard”. H-Bang apologized and begged and pleaded for one more chance. Surprisingly, Ms M gave her a second chance. But, if she’s caught in the window banging and yelling, she’s out. We will see if she makes it. 

Day 169 (3/10/15)

Happy Birthday to my Mom.

Another quiet eventful day. One of the jobs on this yard is a “Yard Facilitator”. Basically, they check in and out the balls, exercise mats, and bands when we program. Well, one of the Yard Facilitators is really annoying. She’s an “expert” and really bossy. As I am walking to fill my water bottle up, she tries to tell me I can’t use the water fountain by the basketball courts. “Officer “S” doesn’t want anyone in this area”. I don’t think so “Deputy No Badge”. I just kept on walking and filled up my water bottle. Give me a break and she wonders why someone ratted her out. She was selling phone calls to inmates for “canteen” items. Which, I understand, this is prison, everyone has their hustle, but they were not her phone calls to sell. She was cutting the number of players on the kickball teams, so she could sell the extra slots. Kickball may sound “childish” but it’s a big deal here. You can be rewarded with phone calls home. So, it was total BS what she was doing. So, they (Officers) found out what she was doing. She didn’t get fired, but her room got hit (inspection / torn down) and has the heat on her. She’s mad about it, but it’s karma. She’s one of those inmates that knows everything. Well, you can’t be giving advice if you ended up here. Don’t ever take advice from a “fellow” inmate, just take care of yourself. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Days 166 & 167 (3/7/15) "What happens in this room, stays in this room"

Day 166 (3/7/15) Day 53 in Receiving 

Sam went home today. I’m so happy for her. I hope she enjoys her Roundtable pizza today ! I’m going to miss her, but glad to see her get out of this place. 
I walked alone today during program. Jewelz got caught on the yard today getting a tattoo. They got pulled into the Sergeants office and lost every thing. Hair ties, piercings, all contraband. Once you “alter” an item from it’s original purpose, it’s contraband. We can’t have anything while on A-yard. Women pay top dollar for jewelry. So, Jewelz was really upset for losing her piercings. 

Once we came in from program, the bomb went off. The second our door shut to our room, H-Bang went ballistic ! Screaming and yelling, punching lockers, she tore off her shirt, and started pacing like a caged animal. She wanted to know who opened their mouth, because Rule #7 says “What Happens in this Room, Stays in this Room” and someone has been talking about H-Bang and her girlfriend Tiffany. H-Bang has a wife in here and she (the wife) found out that H-Bang has been “late night fucking” someone in this room. Well, Sam’s gone, and we have two new people, so it’s only a couple of us left and I don’t have friends and I keep to myself. So, I just made my lunch and went about my business and let her rant and rave. Then, NayNay and H-Bang started arguing. I’m not sure if NayNay talked (wouldn’t be surprised), but I didn’t care, I’m not getting involved in this BS. I follow Rule #5 “Mind Your Own Business”. I thought they might actually come to blows, but they didn’t and once the dust settled, Tiffany, H-Bang, and NayNay made up and blamed Diamond, Tiffany's ex. Follow ? Keeping up with this ? 
This is why you “Don’t Get a Girlfriend” in prison (Rule #2). Crazy, insecure, women. Too messy and way too much drama. 

Day 167 (3/8/15)

Came back from breakfast today and had two extra roommates. That’s 10 women in an eight man cell. It’s crowded ! I don’t care what others do as long as I don’t get in trouble. 
We did have fun though, we played spades all morning. Got a little nervous when we weren’t sure if we were going to program, because how are we going to get two extra bodies out of here before count ? But, it all worked out. 
During program this afternoon, one of the girls I knew from San Diego, “Star”, was arguing on the yard with her ex-girlfriend. Star and “Marie” broke up last week, but Star told her “we may be done, but if I see you with anyone else, I will kick that bitches ass” and she wasn’t lying. Star saw Marie kissing and messing with some girl she barely knew across the hall and Star was not having it. Star started to lose it. She had to be held back. I’m thinking, we just got outside, we don’t need a fight right out of the damn gate. It seemed like it was all fine, but as everyone was waiting to go out, Star started hitting the girl Marie was messing around with and then Marie jumped in. The girl ran away and Marie just started pounding on Star. Star didn’t want to fight Marie so she didn’t fight back. Star’s face was all bloody when they came and broke it up. Star didn’t cooperate with medical and they both signed “non-enemy combatant” forms. Better to fight as non-enemies in the eyes of the cops. Less repercussion. Star had a broken nose, but wasn’t going to press charges or anything. After they went to the segeant’s office, they went back to their rooms. This place is crazy. I’m so ready to get out of here. 

Tomorrow is a new week. I hope it’s a good one. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Days 164 & 164 (3/5/15) "It was time for her to go"

Thinking about Prego today. Today is her release date. I sure hope she hasn’t delivered those babies yet. Definitely not in prison. I hope she’s doing good. 
Came in from program today, had lunch and was playing “10,000” with my roommates when they brought in muumuus. It was early and as we were talking about it, they brought in Jazzy her muumuu. She’s finally going “over the wall”. We were all so excited for her. She got here November 10th (2014), saw her counselor on 1/29/15 and it took her 115 days to get off A-Yard (classification). It was time for her to go. We helped her pack and made her sing to us one more time. I will miss that voice. Every time she would sing, I would think of my family. Jazzy is a very special young woman with a bright future. I know she will make the most of her second chance when she gets out and I plan to keep in touch. I am going to miss her, but I am happy she left. 
A big bus came in from LA today. Hoping we get another good roommate. This will be our 3rd new roommate in a week and on Saturday, it will be #4. 
So, our new roommate is “Sophie”. She’s 36 years old and has 7 kids. Her kids are ages 17 years old to 4 months. She’s really nice and mellow. Our room is really starting to balance out and be ok. 
I can’t wait for my turn to leave. 
“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Day 165 (3/6/15)

Sam’s going home tomorrow and we got our entire long program today. It was perfect, we got our last walk together. I am really going to miss her. 

“Taya” somehow got herself moved from 503 to 502 today. She’s on “C” and “D”  program, but she’s out and about this afternoon like she always is. She was outside talking to Taboo and the others in AD SEG. Taboo was telling Taya to come to AD SEG to be with her. Taya wanted to be with her, but wasn’t sure about AD SEG. But, in the end, Taya refused to lockdown so she could end up in AD SEG with Taboo. 24/7 lockdown, shower every 2 days, and program 1 hour every three days outside in a cage, all for a girlfriend in prison. 
Bad decisions got you here and bad decisions will keep you here. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Days 162 & 163 (3/3/15) AD SEG

The fight that happened on Sunday night with the “biter” and the “lock in the sock” escalated. The woman who got hit with the lock got sent to AD SEG and because she’s a “biter”, she has to wear a hood every time she comes out of her cell. She’s facing chargers for fighting and is pressing charges on 5 of her roommates. They were all taken to AD SEG and are facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. I just don’t understand, these women just act on emotions not on what the consequences might be. The drop of a hat and everything changes for these women. 

Well, the cat is out of the bag in our room. H-Bang and Tiffany hooking up when the lights go out. They first hooked up on Sunday night. I didn’t hear a thing. I’m very thankful that I sleep like a rock. I heard about it the next morning, but didn’t say a word. Not my business and I don’t care. I just want to do my time and go home to my family. 

Day 163 (3/4/15)

This morning, our new roommate “Jessie” (she replaced Carra on Monday. She’s 21 from Orange County, very quiet, respectful, super sweet, and a good roommate) noticed a fight on the yard as 503 was coming back from breakfast. We were all in the windows watching. It was Taya and Little Bill. They had dropped their lunches and started to fight, but the officer came up quick with the baton in hand, so Little Bill took off running. Then, she dropped to the ground with her hands behind her neck. She said she ran so she didn’t get hit with the baton. They both got handcuffed and hauled off to the sergeants office. Both got issued another “115”. Taya has to have at least 5 or 6 “115’s” by now. I guess it’s one thing if you want to fight, but you keep adding time to your stay here. That, I don’t get. 

Peaches refused to lock in so she could go to AD SEG with her girlfriend. She was one of the 5 that was arrested for assault. Guess going to AD SEG to be with your girl is a common thing here. Again, hard for me to understand , because I would never go to AD SEG for anyone. Rule #1 “I Came Here Alone, I’m Leaving Here Alone”. I live by that rule. I didn’t come here to make friends, to get a girlfriend, or have a good time. I came here to do my time and go home to my family. No one and nothing is worth risking me going home to my Husband and kids. 

We get dessert with dinner. Usually popsicles, fruit cups, pudding, or ice cream cups. But, every once in a while we get a treat. Tonight, as 501 was walking back from dinner, we saw that we got a drumstick ice cream cone ! We went crazy ! Celebrating like someone won the lottery ! You know you’re in prison when you get that excited over an ice cream cone ! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Days 160 & 161 (3/1/15) "Fights, Locks, a Job, and the DA"

Day 160

The start of a new month. Hoping this is a good month. I should be seeing my counselor soon and if I'm lucky, "over the wall" before this month is over. 
We got to program this morning, thank goodness. It was nice to finally get outside. Our room seemed to settle down, actually had moments of silence this afternoon. We will see if it stays this way. 
Tonight, we were waiting for dinner, 503 was walking back to their housing unit when the alarm went off in housing 501. Yard down. When they brought the girl out in handcuffs, she had a golf ball size lump over her eye. It was insane. Then two more girls came out handcuffed. I guess a fight broke out, the lady with the lump bit one of her roommates in the leg and then someone smashed her face with with a lock in a sock. This whole yard down ordeal took forever. We didn't go to dinner until after 7pm. Everyone was complaining. We lost our evening program, because by the time we got back from dinner, it was after 8pm. Sucked.
I have started adjusting to the new dynamics of our room. I adapt well and get along with many different personalities, which has been a very helpful trait in prison. 

"Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use"

Day 161

Cuba got moved to 503 late last night. She had been hiding her two black eyes, but after dinner, an officer saw them. She tried to get info from Cuba on what what happened, but she wouldn't talk, so she went into the room and inspected every one's knuckles and hands. Then, she packed up Cuba's belonging and sent her to 503, after giving her roommates a long hard lecture. 

It's Monday, the start of a new week. The counselors are in training all week, so there will no seeing my counselor this week. But, I'm staying positive and hoping to still be out of here by the end of the month. 

Carra paroled this morning, time for a new roommate. Let the anxiety begin. What will we get this time .

While we were programming this afternoon, I got offered a job at the counseling office ! "Jackie" is currently working the position, but she should be going "over the wall" this week or next and is looking for her replacement. I couldn't believe it ! It couldn't have come at a better time. I needed that. I was so excited when she asked, I said "Yes, of course I want the job". It's a perfect job for me. I wish I could start tomorrow . 

We got interviewed today, they were investigating our old roomies case. Janie listed us all as witnesses, but we were all out of the building and halfway to dinner when it went down. So, it was pointless, we all had the same story. They (The officer and Janie), had words, he pulled her aside, told her to have a seat, she sat down, he took her ID card, and we were released for dinner. Half way to dinner, the alarm went off. We can't help her. Plus, from what I heard from a few girls that actually saw what happened, Janie shoulder brushed him as she walked by him. It wasn't a big deal, but the cop treated as an assault and slammed her into the floor. The officer did not press charges, but the DA picked up the case anyway. Surprise surprise. Janie should have never mouthed off that night and she would be in this mess. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 159 (2/28/15) "Now, we are on the radar"

Day number 45 in receiving (Classification, Chowchilla, CCWF, Wild Wild West).

"If you want to be sad, no one in the world can make you happy. But, if you make up your mind to be happy, no one and nothing on earth can take that happiness from you"

I took action myself this morning, I hired myself as a porter for the day. After breakfast, I put my lunch down, grabbed my water and sat down at the porter's table. Women are always doing this, but today I need a break from my room and needed to be busy and I wasn't going to let anyone stop me. It felt good to work and be productive and the day went fast ! There are so many women that don't want to do anything here. They'd rather just lay around all day. I can't do that if I have a choice. Anyway, the best part was I was able to get two free 60 second phone calls ! One to my Husband and Son and the other to my Sister. Just to hear their voices made my day. I really needed that "pick me up". It's crazy how the phone calls work. My Husband told me that my phone calls are routed to Houston, TX then to wherever I'm calling. So, the first time I called he didn't pick up. It came up as Houston, TX, not California. Also, after your 60 seconds, the recording comes on telling the recipient to open a phone account. At that point thereafter, that's the only way for them to receive calls. Big money maker. Prison for Profit.

The break working gave me gave me what I needed to make it through the rest of the day and long loud night. It got crazy after dinner. H-Bang, being stud she is, made a "strap on" out of pads, a sock, and a bra. NayNay thought it would be funny to put it on and show it off. As Ms Dolly used to say "our room is off the chain". She'd be very happy she's not here seeing this. Our room used to be low key, but now we are on the radar. Our entire hall lost evening program because of our room last night. We (H-Bang) were too loud. It was all the banging on the windows she was doing. I'm just waiting for our room to get hit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Days 157 & 158 (2/26/15) "Goodbye Ms. Dolly and Hello "Stud"

Between the raid in 501, the broken windows, the moves to AD SEG, the inspection in 502, the women absconding every day, this week has been chaotic and we have long program today, but we are stuck inside because women can act right. 
Finally, the dust settled and we got our last hour of program today. It was nice to get outside. It was beautiful today. When Sam and I got back from our walk, we returned to our room and Ms. Dolly was in a muumuu. She is going Over the Wall. I am so happy for her. This first time offender, in her late 50's was headed to the final stage of her nightmare. She will really be missed. We got to have dinner with her one last time and then she was gone. It's so bittersweet. Sure hope we get a good roommate.
Well, we got a roommate that night. They let someone out of AD SEG and they were heading to our room. OMG ! It's the Amazon broad who got into the fight over a week ago behind the porta potty ! Seriously !? Our entire room is freaking out. We have a "Stud" moving in. So, Troy (Troyeisha) aka "H-Bang" arrived. She's 27 years old, from LA, and in the Hoover gang. She's a little loud, but was alright. She told us all about her fight and AD SEG. She said the fight was gang related and was ordered from over the wall. I guess she's Hoover / Crip. She told us how she hated AD SEG and how horrible it was. She was looking at a 16 month SHU term, but got lucky and got out. She was sent to AD SEG for threatening an officer when they handcuffed her after her fight. Anyhow, it should be interesting, H-Bang is a woman, but looks like, acts like, talks like, a man. 

Day 158

Our entire room was up at 6am this morning. Our new roommate was up and out of bed when the lights came on and at the window banging and hollering to all the women in 501 as they walked to breakfast. She was in 501 prior to going to AD SEG. They were trying to talk through the window, so there was a lot of screaming and yelling. No one was very happy.
After breakfast, there was a fight across the hall. Cuba snatched Norbit off the top bunk and they went at it. They then caught their breath and round two started. Cuba took a beating. When it was over, Cuba had two black eyes. Not exactly sure why it happened, but I do know, this shit happens everyday and everywhere here. 

We didn't get to program today and it was non-stop in our room. It was so loud I couldn't hear myself think ! Our new roommate is crazy, loud, obnoxious, and talks non-stop at the window. All the banging is too much. I'm not sure if I can live with this, especially if we don't program (go outside). If we don't get to go outside, we are trapped in this room together all day. Now I know why women end up fighting. I'm really missing my family, I need to get out of here. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Days 154-156 (2/23/15) "Hard to House"

The start of a new week today. I hope to see my counselor this week. NayNay and Carra got into it today over who was cleaning what. In our room we have daily chores. Bunk 1 and 2 alternate with bunk 3 and 4 every other day. We have 4 chores, one task for each person every other day. Jazzy and Smiley already claimed their chores. So, it left the shower and floor. I suggested they play rock, paper, scissors, to see who got the floor. But, nope, they both dug their heels in and felt the other should have to do it. We have already covered for both of them because they were gone on ducketts. Also, they are both new, they have not been in this room long enough to to be arguing over chores. Their little fight irritated me. They were both in the wrong. Then later in the day, NayNay got all mad because Sam asked her to shake out her (NayNay) wet pants in the shower instead of the middle of the room. NayNay went off about she's grown and doesn't need anyone telling her what to do. We live together , be respectful of your 7 roommates. We are trying to help her, because when she goes "over the wall", women are not going to put up with her attitude and behavior. NayNay will learn for herself because she's grown.
"Not everyone thinks the way you think...remember this and you will go a long way in getting along with people"

Days 155 & 156

The alarm went off today while we were on the yard. It was 501. The cops went running and even needed back up from B-yard. They came out with 7 women, they were all from one room, the "Hard to House" room. They all got into a fight, broke a window, and one of the needed medical attention. She came out with her head wrapped, soaked in blood. She claimed to have fallen off her bunk. Maybe she did, she seemed high or drunk, or probably concussed. She couldn't walk a straight line. Later that night, another fight broke out in 501. Another window was broken. Taya was involved. She hurt and cut her hand really bad. Because it was so late, they couldn't fix the window until the next day, so everyone had to be moved out for the evening. The rumor was it was because of drugs, both fights. 
501 got raided the next day. All the women in "Hard to House" tested dirty, so they packed them all up and sent them to AD SEG for 30 days. Everyone, with the exception of Taya. She got moved back into their room. Taya eventually got moved out of that housing and into 503. Yeah, it gets confusing sometimes. Rule #8: Don't Do Drugs. Nothing but trouble, usually ending up with violence. 
Our entire housing got hit today. We just had inspection, now we have to do it all over again. 

Women in B-hall, were out "absconding" (the cops love that term) all day and our afternoon housing officer got pissed off and changed his mind and did the entire housing unit. They called "yard recall" and made everyone come in early from program and searched the entire unit. We didn't have much time. The sergeant came, we got patted down and searched. We just got hit with the other inspection, so we didn't have much and they didn't tear apart our room. It could have been a lot worse.