Sunday, August 23, 2015

Days 164 & 164 (3/5/15) "It was time for her to go"

Thinking about Prego today. Today is her release date. I sure hope she hasn’t delivered those babies yet. Definitely not in prison. I hope she’s doing good. 
Came in from program today, had lunch and was playing “10,000” with my roommates when they brought in muumuus. It was early and as we were talking about it, they brought in Jazzy her muumuu. She’s finally going “over the wall”. We were all so excited for her. She got here November 10th (2014), saw her counselor on 1/29/15 and it took her 115 days to get off A-Yard (classification). It was time for her to go. We helped her pack and made her sing to us one more time. I will miss that voice. Every time she would sing, I would think of my family. Jazzy is a very special young woman with a bright future. I know she will make the most of her second chance when she gets out and I plan to keep in touch. I am going to miss her, but I am happy she left. 
A big bus came in from LA today. Hoping we get another good roommate. This will be our 3rd new roommate in a week and on Saturday, it will be #4. 
So, our new roommate is “Sophie”. She’s 36 years old and has 7 kids. Her kids are ages 17 years old to 4 months. She’s really nice and mellow. Our room is really starting to balance out and be ok. 
I can’t wait for my turn to leave. 
“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Day 165 (3/6/15)

Sam’s going home tomorrow and we got our entire long program today. It was perfect, we got our last walk together. I am really going to miss her. 

“Taya” somehow got herself moved from 503 to 502 today. She’s on “C” and “D”  program, but she’s out and about this afternoon like she always is. She was outside talking to Taboo and the others in AD SEG. Taboo was telling Taya to come to AD SEG to be with her. Taya wanted to be with her, but wasn’t sure about AD SEG. But, in the end, Taya refused to lockdown so she could end up in AD SEG with Taboo. 24/7 lockdown, shower every 2 days, and program 1 hour every three days outside in a cage, all for a girlfriend in prison. 
Bad decisions got you here and bad decisions will keep you here. 

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