Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Days 157 & 158 (2/26/15) "Goodbye Ms. Dolly and Hello "Stud"

Between the raid in 501, the broken windows, the moves to AD SEG, the inspection in 502, the women absconding every day, this week has been chaotic and we have long program today, but we are stuck inside because women can act right. 
Finally, the dust settled and we got our last hour of program today. It was nice to get outside. It was beautiful today. When Sam and I got back from our walk, we returned to our room and Ms. Dolly was in a muumuu. She is going Over the Wall. I am so happy for her. This first time offender, in her late 50's was headed to the final stage of her nightmare. She will really be missed. We got to have dinner with her one last time and then she was gone. It's so bittersweet. Sure hope we get a good roommate.
Well, we got a roommate that night. They let someone out of AD SEG and they were heading to our room. OMG ! It's the Amazon broad who got into the fight over a week ago behind the porta potty ! Seriously !? Our entire room is freaking out. We have a "Stud" moving in. So, Troy (Troyeisha) aka "H-Bang" arrived. She's 27 years old, from LA, and in the Hoover gang. She's a little loud, but was alright. She told us all about her fight and AD SEG. She said the fight was gang related and was ordered from over the wall. I guess she's Hoover / Crip. She told us how she hated AD SEG and how horrible it was. She was looking at a 16 month SHU term, but got lucky and got out. She was sent to AD SEG for threatening an officer when they handcuffed her after her fight. Anyhow, it should be interesting, H-Bang is a woman, but looks like, acts like, talks like, a man. 

Day 158

Our entire room was up at 6am this morning. Our new roommate was up and out of bed when the lights came on and at the window banging and hollering to all the women in 501 as they walked to breakfast. She was in 501 prior to going to AD SEG. They were trying to talk through the window, so there was a lot of screaming and yelling. No one was very happy.
After breakfast, there was a fight across the hall. Cuba snatched Norbit off the top bunk and they went at it. They then caught their breath and round two started. Cuba took a beating. When it was over, Cuba had two black eyes. Not exactly sure why it happened, but I do know, this shit happens everyday and everywhere here. 

We didn't get to program today and it was non-stop in our room. It was so loud I couldn't hear myself think ! Our new roommate is crazy, loud, obnoxious, and talks non-stop at the window. All the banging is too much. I'm not sure if I can live with this, especially if we don't program (go outside). If we don't get to go outside, we are trapped in this room together all day. Now I know why women end up fighting. I'm really missing my family, I need to get out of here. 

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