Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Days 162 & 163 (3/3/15) AD SEG

The fight that happened on Sunday night with the “biter” and the “lock in the sock” escalated. The woman who got hit with the lock got sent to AD SEG and because she’s a “biter”, she has to wear a hood every time she comes out of her cell. She’s facing chargers for fighting and is pressing charges on 5 of her roommates. They were all taken to AD SEG and are facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. I just don’t understand, these women just act on emotions not on what the consequences might be. The drop of a hat and everything changes for these women. 

Well, the cat is out of the bag in our room. H-Bang and Tiffany hooking up when the lights go out. They first hooked up on Sunday night. I didn’t hear a thing. I’m very thankful that I sleep like a rock. I heard about it the next morning, but didn’t say a word. Not my business and I don’t care. I just want to do my time and go home to my family. 

Day 163 (3/4/15)

This morning, our new roommate “Jessie” (she replaced Carra on Monday. She’s 21 from Orange County, very quiet, respectful, super sweet, and a good roommate) noticed a fight on the yard as 503 was coming back from breakfast. We were all in the windows watching. It was Taya and Little Bill. They had dropped their lunches and started to fight, but the officer came up quick with the baton in hand, so Little Bill took off running. Then, she dropped to the ground with her hands behind her neck. She said she ran so she didn’t get hit with the baton. They both got handcuffed and hauled off to the sergeants office. Both got issued another “115”. Taya has to have at least 5 or 6 “115’s” by now. I guess it’s one thing if you want to fight, but you keep adding time to your stay here. That, I don’t get. 

Peaches refused to lock in so she could go to AD SEG with her girlfriend. She was one of the 5 that was arrested for assault. Guess going to AD SEG to be with your girl is a common thing here. Again, hard for me to understand , because I would never go to AD SEG for anyone. Rule #1 “I Came Here Alone, I’m Leaving Here Alone”. I live by that rule. I didn’t come here to make friends, to get a girlfriend, or have a good time. I came here to do my time and go home to my family. No one and nothing is worth risking me going home to my Husband and kids. 

We get dessert with dinner. Usually popsicles, fruit cups, pudding, or ice cream cups. But, every once in a while we get a treat. Tonight, as 501 was walking back from dinner, we saw that we got a drumstick ice cream cone ! We went crazy ! Celebrating like someone won the lottery ! You know you’re in prison when you get that excited over an ice cream cone ! 

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