Sunday, August 2, 2015

Days 154-156 (2/23/15) "Hard to House"

The start of a new week today. I hope to see my counselor this week. NayNay and Carra got into it today over who was cleaning what. In our room we have daily chores. Bunk 1 and 2 alternate with bunk 3 and 4 every other day. We have 4 chores, one task for each person every other day. Jazzy and Smiley already claimed their chores. So, it left the shower and floor. I suggested they play rock, paper, scissors, to see who got the floor. But, nope, they both dug their heels in and felt the other should have to do it. We have already covered for both of them because they were gone on ducketts. Also, they are both new, they have not been in this room long enough to to be arguing over chores. Their little fight irritated me. They were both in the wrong. Then later in the day, NayNay got all mad because Sam asked her to shake out her (NayNay) wet pants in the shower instead of the middle of the room. NayNay went off about she's grown and doesn't need anyone telling her what to do. We live together , be respectful of your 7 roommates. We are trying to help her, because when she goes "over the wall", women are not going to put up with her attitude and behavior. NayNay will learn for herself because she's grown.
"Not everyone thinks the way you think...remember this and you will go a long way in getting along with people"

Days 155 & 156

The alarm went off today while we were on the yard. It was 501. The cops went running and even needed back up from B-yard. They came out with 7 women, they were all from one room, the "Hard to House" room. They all got into a fight, broke a window, and one of the needed medical attention. She came out with her head wrapped, soaked in blood. She claimed to have fallen off her bunk. Maybe she did, she seemed high or drunk, or probably concussed. She couldn't walk a straight line. Later that night, another fight broke out in 501. Another window was broken. Taya was involved. She hurt and cut her hand really bad. Because it was so late, they couldn't fix the window until the next day, so everyone had to be moved out for the evening. The rumor was it was because of drugs, both fights. 
501 got raided the next day. All the women in "Hard to House" tested dirty, so they packed them all up and sent them to AD SEG for 30 days. Everyone, with the exception of Taya. She got moved back into their room. Taya eventually got moved out of that housing and into 503. Yeah, it gets confusing sometimes. Rule #8: Don't Do Drugs. Nothing but trouble, usually ending up with violence. 
Our entire housing got hit today. We just had inspection, now we have to do it all over again. 

Women in B-hall, were out "absconding" (the cops love that term) all day and our afternoon housing officer got pissed off and changed his mind and did the entire housing unit. They called "yard recall" and made everyone come in early from program and searched the entire unit. We didn't have much time. The sergeant came, we got patted down and searched. We just got hit with the other inspection, so we didn't have much and they didn't tear apart our room. It could have been a lot worse. 

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