Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 153 (2/22/15) "One incident here, changed her life"

We got an update on "Baby". She's the one that spit on and fought two officers. She's looking at up to 18 years, 5 years for each officer, and additional years for each time she spit. I can't believe it. She's a baby. She's only 20 years old. One incident here, changed her life forever. One bad decision, one poor choice , and you can catch additional charges. You think you're going home and in a blink of an eye, you're going nowhere. It's why they don't give you an out date here (receiving). They give you an "expected release date". You have to keep your emotions in check, stay out of the game, do your time, and go home. We have been trying to tell NayNay this, but our new roommate is not as quiet and polite as she was on day one. She's got an attitude and a chip on her shoulder. She wants to fight and curse every cop she deals with. She's dying to fight someone, or so she says. So much for keeping to herself. She is in the mix and very stubborn . I figure she'll have to learn on her own. 
We had dinner late tonight. On the way to 4pm Meds, 4 "EOP's" got into a fight on the yard. Seems to be the norm nowadays . We started to get ready for inspection When a bunch of girls started chanting "we aren't cleaning up shit, the sergeant , he can suck a dick ! Hail Hitler !" Some of the women say the sergeant looks and acts like Hitler. He is very strict. If you don't walk in a straight line, he'll rip you right out of line, gives you a warning, and writes your name down on his clipboard. He's not one to mess with. But the girls had enough of the sergeant and this whole yard. So, they rebelled with their chanting. It was kind of funny, definitely entertaining from afar. It really pissed the sergeant off and our housing officer let us have it when we got back. It's a good thing we didn't have program that night, because we would have lost it. 

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