Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 141 (2/10/15) This is Prison, Violence will happen

Today started out with a bang and finished with an even bigger bang. We had yard down during breakfast, it was a medical emergency. It was our neighbor across the hall again. On my way back from breakfast , just as I'm at the walkway to our housing unit, the alarm does off, yard down ! There was a fight in our unit. You know when it's a fight, because the officers come running for fights . If it's a medical emergency, the officers walk. It makes no sense, if you're dying, let me stroll and take my time. But, an altercation ? You'll see their fat asses come running. Anyhow, low and behold, Ms. Jealousy, my old neighbor in 503, comes out in handcuffs. The crazy ass jumped someone after breakfast. While they are dealing with this, the alarm goes off again, this time in the chow hall. 3 alarms, all before 9am. As C and D went out to AM program today, they did a search, starting with our unit. As they came out to the yard, everyone had to empty their pockets. If they had anything, they had to throw it away or go back inside. Any comb pieces in their piercing holes had to be taken out, handmade hair ties had to be thrown out, pads in your shoes had to be taken out, double shoelaces had to go back inside, make up on had to be washed off. All contraband confiscated. After 502, they moved to 501, and finished with 503. Guess the officers were bored today, but our unit kept them busy. After unit recall, the alarm goes off again. The officers come running, another fight is going down. As they brought out the first two women, we realized they weren't even from our unit. They were both from 503 and one was Ms. Jealousy's girlfriend. They snuck in and went after someone in retaliation after this mornings fight, snatched the girl right out of her bunk ! 
Then an hour later, the alarm goes off in 503. Another fight ! They had to pepper spray these two to get them to stop fighting. Two bunkies just couldn't get along and that was it, it came to blows. That last fight was the final straw, no programming for us this afternoon. Too many fights. Damn, that really sucks. Because, we had long program today and didn't get to program yesterday. But, we definitely got to see all the "action" unfold today. 
Just when we thought everything had settled down for the day, another fight breaks out in the chow hall between a couple of EOP's ! The ambulance even showed up this time. They ended up being walked over to the prison hospital. 
We have a real miserable prick officer on duty tonight in our housing unit. He's the one that if you forget your ID, you don't get to go get it, you don't get dinner, you get the nasty boxed lunch. He's a real asshole. The best way to deal with him is to keep your head down, your mouth shut, and do what you're supposed to do. You may think that's the obvious thing to do, especially since we are in prison, but that is very difficult for a lot of these women. 
Janie, who is usually the first one out the door for dinner, is the last one today and we were last to close our door in the hall, so of course he says something and makes a note on his clipboard. I'm pretty sure our room will be getting "hit". Instead of getting in line and keeping quiet , Janie started mouthing off to the cop. He says "I'll deal with you later" and he released us to chow. Just then, he stops Janie and asks her for her ID and told her to have a seat. She sat down at the table. We left for dinner. Halfway to chow, the alarm went off again. Yard down ! Officers go running in and Janie comes out in handcuffs. Off to the sergeant's office. Why she decided to "pop off" to that jerk, I don't know. He wanted to engage . Some of these assholes enjoy messing with you and he's one of them. It's not worth it, but Janie has an attitude and a temper and totally blew it. She already had one 115 and was waiting to see her counselor . Now, she could be here months, not worth it. 
We came back from dinner and waited to see if Janie was coming back or not. The story we heard from the girls in the room that could see was, she got up and brushed past the officer. He then grabbed her and threw her down. Game over.

Just before 9pm, they came in and got Janie's belongings. Janie would not be coming back. 

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