Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 142 (2/11/15) Rule #12, The cops are not your friends

Then there was 7. Of all the girls to go, I didn't mind that Janie left and to my surprise , no one else cared either. The girls talked all night about her. The pent up frustration and tension was being released. The tension I saw had been building up. Sounds like Janie left at the perfect time, because the storm was brewing. Listening to all the stories they shared, I see now why they are all happy she's gone. Ms. Dolly had us laughing so hard with her story of how she thought she was going to have the room to herself when everyone went out to program one day. But, Janie and her girlfriend, Dreamer, came back to the room and had sex in the shower. Poor Ms. Dolly !
Everyone, including myself was over her banging on the windows and yelling down the hall all the time . We can all rest at ease that she won't drag out room down anymore. Rule #7: Stay low key and don't bring attention to yourself and room. Janie, for being here before, must have forgotten that rule. Now, we have to hope our new roommate is cool. We found out Janie could be facing charges of assault on an officer. She is so screwed. We watched them take her last night to AD SEG (Administrative Segregation). They took everything from her, out her in a muumuu, handcuffed her, and walked her over to 504. Tiny cell, no personal property, no canteen purchases, food is brought to your cell, you are allowed to come out and shower every other day, and you get an hour of yard time every 3 days. Basically, it's horrible. Sometimes you do a week and your back on A-yard. But, because she face charges, she could be there until the investigation and hearing is done. If she's found guilty, she could have to do a SHU term on top of her original sentence. This will follow her when she gets classified. She's going to be high security and the cops are going to mess with her. She is doing a 5 year sentence she just made that time incredibly more difficult for herself. It's dumb if you think you can fight the cops in here and win. Janie blew it, her name was on the list today to see her counselor.  That's what she had been waiting for. Lost, all because she felt the need to be a badass bitch. She was delusional . She thought some of the cops were "cool" and "liked" her. Rule #12:  The cops are not your friends, they are cops ! 
It was a really nice day, just the seven of us. We finally got out and programmed. I learned how to play 10,000 and TT, Jazy, Prego, and I played until dinner. Then it was time for women going "over the wall" to leave . 30 women left today. No one from our room. It's bittersweet, I like all the girls and don't want them to leave. But, I know how bad I want "over the wall" so, I want them to get that muumuu and get out of here ! 

Our new roommate arrived today, right before dinner. Carra is from Kern County. She does not speak English and like Sam, she's going home on March 7th. In a month from now, there will be a lot new faces in this room. I hope they will be faces that I get along with.

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