Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 147 (2/16/15) "Why the hell didn't you help !?"

Presidents' Day . Fully staffed today, we programmed on time today, got in my exercise and as I was walking back from the water fountain, Kalie, one of my old neighbor from 503, started talking shit about this girl from San Diego. Saying "yeah, she's a baby case too". If you come to prison because of charges against your children, your stay will not be an easy one. The woman from San Diego was not a "baby case", she did have kids, but her crime did not involve them. But, the crime took place at her home, so they added child endangerment as an additional charge. The story is from another woman here on an actual "baby case" that was in the "meds" line talking shit to try and take heat off of herself. So, rumors started spreading. Kalie heard the rumors and ran with it. Well, she ran her mouth too much, because Tammy from San Diego, ran up on her and started kicking her ass. She had her on the ground and was thumping her. So, Kalie's girlfriend Jewels, jumped in to help, not fight. She was pulling Tammy off her girlfriend, when a group of girls came rushing in. 5 or 6 jumped Jewels, that's when the yard went down and the officers stepped in. The cops handcuffed Jewels and Tammy. Then brought out the zip ties and cuffed up Kalie and 4 or 5 other girls. Jewels said to her girlfriend "Why the hell didn't you help ?!" She replied "I tried Babe". Jewels was pissed. She stepped in to help her girlfriend who was getting her ass kicked and her girlfriend just stood there and watched as she got jumped. Needless to say, Jewels let her go and moved housing units. Due to this incident, we had yard recall only an hour into our program. But, luckily after the dust settled, they let us back out.
Jazy left us tonight. She had a sleepover in room 2 with her friends. Traded places with Jessie. They do that at times. But, if you get caught "out of bounds", it's a 115. Girls go in to each other's rooms and trade places usually when the regular housing staff is not working on the weekends . I don't mess with that. I don't care what others do. I'm not risking my date on games and bullshit. Jesse, the girl that stayed over here while Jazy was in her room was alright. But, I'll be glad when Jazy comes home.

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