Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 143 & 144 (2/12/15) Tested positive for TB

Got an update on Janie. The officer is not pressing charges, but the DA can still pick up her case. There is a woman here doing a 2 year term for assault on an officer.  She threw her ID card at the officer and it hit her in the chin and left a tiny scratch. The officer did not press charges, but the DA picked it up and charged her. She got 2 years for it on top of her original time she was doing.  It amazes me that the DA can do that. They must have needed to hit some sort of goal / quota. It's all about the numbers. Who cares about lives. Especially, if you're already in prison. 

They were short staffed today at second shift. So, no program time for us. That is 3 days this week. Stuck inside all day and 2 of those days were our long program. Thank goodness I'm in this new housing unit. It's not as bad here when you lose program. I want to go outside, but if I was still in 503, I would have been freaking out this week without program in that tiny ass cell with nothing to do. 

Day 144 (2/13/15)

It's officially been 30 days on A-Yard today. Here's my break down of my stay so far.
I've read 2 books, received 9 ducketts, 1 letter, 10 postcards, I've eaten 41 apples, 17 bananas, and 3 drumstick ice cream cones, I've witnessed  2 fights, been through 6 fog days, and 13 yard downs. 

The nurse came by this morning to check our new roommates TB test. She tested positive for TB ! I know TB is very contagious and an airborne disease. So, I was waiting for her to be removed from our room. A second test needs to be done to confirm the results. They sent her to medical for an X-ray , but nothing happened. This is ridiculous ! Do they plan on leaving her in here and allowing the 7 of us to be exposed !? Prego is 8 months pregnant and carrying twins. This is a serious problem. I came in here healthy and plan on leaving here healthy. This may be prison, but to knowingly allow exposure to TB is irresponsible, unacceptable, and a huge liability. Our room is not the only one with a roommate with TB. One down the hall has a positive TB test as well. That girl was on the same bus that our new roommate was on. 
After breakfast, the alarm went off in our unit. No fight or medical emergency this time. It was a woman in room 1 who refused to lock-in. She said I'm not staying and sitting in a room all day with someone who has TB. She refused to lockdown. So, they took her out in handcuffs for a visit with the sergeant. 

Around noon, the alarm went off again in our building. The officers were just walking, so we knew it was just a medical emergency. Then they starting running to our unit. It was room 1 again. They called for a medical emergency. Baby (her name), had a sty in her eye, so the officer pulled her out of the room and was talking to her. He told her "A sty is not a medical emergency" . She said "I'm not going back in there. I am not going to sit in there with someone who has TB. I want to go to medical now". The officer actually said "ok" and told her to take a seat. The other officer got mad and went up to Baby and told her that it was not a medical emergency and to get back in her room. The officer grabbed Baby's nightgown and pushed her toward her room. That was it. Baby unleashed on her. Took the cop down twice to the ground and gave her a beating until the cop got the baton out and hit her in the leg and it was over. They took her out of here in a "restraint" chair, handcuffed at the wrists and ankles, spit hood over her face. They packed her belongings and she was gone. After her write up, they took her to AD SEG, still in the chair and hood. She was here doing a 3 year term, now she's looking at an additional 2-6 years for this attack on an officer. There was no afternoon or evening program the rest of the day. We had 5 more alarms throughout the day in our unit. All medical emergencies.  Two were across the way with the woman with the heart condition. The second call to her room, she was laying on the floor. The officer on duty is a real prick, he said to her "This is getting old. We are tired of you faking it. We know you're not sick and you need to stop this or just die already". What he didn't know, was the sergeant was standing behind him and heard him say all that to her. He got pulled to the side and the sergeant said "You can't talk to her like that, you don't know if she's sick or not". It's true, he's not a doctor and if something happens to her, CDCR is liable. I'm glad the segment said something to him. This officer is a real jerk. He is by far the worst one I've encountered. This week was out of control, as Ms. Dolly said "it was off the chain". 

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