Sunday, July 26, 2015

Days 151 & 152 (2/20/15) Dumb Decisions and Diablo vs Granny

"Life isn't always easy, but we have to believe that it can and will get better. Struggle is not a lifestyle, it's a moment in time, one that can be overcome"

The fog is back after 2 weeks of beautiful weather. It's cold and gloomy again. But, on a positive note, we got our entire program time in today ! Finally ! B Hall started their morning off with a bang. 15 was taking too long to come out for breakfast, so the officer shut their door and moved on to other halls, leaving 4 girls in the room. Well, one of the girls got furious and lost her mind. Yelling and banging on the door. The officer refused to let them out so, she decided to break the window. She took a lock and put it in her pillow case and busted the glass window in the door ! That stunt cost her $300 and a 115. The breakfast was good, but not worth $300 !
Too many people have been going in others inmates rooms lately , so the officer on duty today did an "out of bounds" check for the entire unit. He went room by room, made us all come out, then as he called our name, we had to show our ID as we went back in. If you are caught out of bounds, it's a 115. There ended up being four 115's that day. 
Thursday's are court days for AD SEG. So, our old roommate Janie, went to court yesterday. Her girlfriend, Dreamer, said it didn't go well. They are not letting her out of AD SEG and are pressing charges. She's looking at an additional 5 years. Because things didn't go well, Dreamer packed up all her belongings, rolled up her bed, and at dinner, she stood in front of the sergeant's office and refused to lock in. She did it so she could go to AD SEG and be with Janie. Dreamer was on her way to CIW, has kids, and not much time left. Why she was so stupid to give up all that for a prison girlfriend, I don't know. What a dumb decision . I just can't comprehend sacrificing so much for a fling with a woman in prison.

Day 152 (2/21/15)
The day started off with a fight in the chow hall. They had to use pepper spray to stop it. Taya was involved, again. That girl has to have 4-5 115's by now. Then the alarm went off in our unit. "Wolfe" got caught stealing from her roommates. They got into a fight and they kicked her out. Rule #10, Never Steal from Your Roommates. Wolfe got taken out in handcuffs, issued a 115, and moved to 503. Wolfe used to be in room 4, but didn't last, the girls kicked her out. 
Ms Dolly worked as a porter today. When she was working, she saw two of the porters in the laundry room having sex. Poor Ms Dolly. She can't wait to get out of here. She can't take all this "gay shit". 

Before dinner a fight broke out across the hall. They were in the corner, so we couldn't tell who was fighting. But then, we realized it was "Diablo" and "Granny". What the hell !? You don't take off on an older woman like that. I guess they were having words, Granny walked away, laid on her bed, and Diablo snatched her off her bed. But, Granny held her own whipped Diablo's ass. But, that's not the point. What's wrong with Diablo ?! No one should be beating up or fighting their elders like that ! It's like punching your grandmother. Our room was not very happy with what went down across the hall. But, we didn't have time to deal with it. We got notice the we had inspection. What a pain ! Inspection is one hour. Break down your bed, empty your drawer, clear out your locker, throw out your extras and contraband . Then when they're done going through your room, you put it all back. I'm glad the day is over.

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