Sunday, July 19, 2015

Days 148 & 149 (2/17/15) Stay Out of the Mix

Tuesday , finally got to shop canteen today. Waited 5 weeks to finally go shopping. You get to shop canteen once a month and depending on your CDC# determines when you shop. I'm 3rd week draw. So, the 3rd week of every month, I get to shop. I desperately needed hygiene items, stamps, and envelopes. Now, I'm set until I get out of here. 
We got a deck of cards from our neighbors in room 5 and we played spades all afternoon until dinner. It's the simple things like a deck of cards, dice, a good book, pen and paper that can make your day here. 

Wednesday, busy day . Breakfast, then a duckett for medical at 805. 805 is the health center over the wall. Got to take a brief trip over the wall. Walked past "B" yard with its beautiful green grass, a full size track too. The grass is literally greener on the other side.Haha.  We have to be escorted and go through a metal detector before and after. Can't wait to get there (B yard). The final stop before I go "over the wall" to my final destination. 
Got back from medical to do laundry exchange . Then I tried to sneak in to the library because I missed sign ups while I was at medical. That didn't work. So hopefully , next week I can actually check out some books. 

While C and D were programming this morning, a fight broke out behind the porta-potty on the yard. They like to fight there so the cops don't see them. Not sure exactly why they were fighting . Rumor has it, it was a domestic dispute (over girlfriends). Reminder ! Rule #2, Don't Get a Girlfriend. But then I heard it was gang related. Crypts, Bloods, Hoover, not sure. But, 3 of the girls involved were Crypts. So, this giant Amazon broad was told to beat up this girl (rumor was she was given a shank to stab her). They go at it, this woman is twice this girls size. You would think she would mop the floor with her, but the little one held her own. They would stop fighting, then "Peaches" kept telling the Amazon lady to keep going. So, two more times they went at it and the little one kept fighting. So, finally "Peaches" and another girl got involved. It's now 3 on 1. The two came from behind and "Peaches" is a very tall woman as well and I tell you what, that little one had heart and fought her ass off. She took on all 3 of them. Then it was yard down. The fight was over. They came over and handcuffed "Peaches", the Amazon, and the little one. The other girl got away. The Amazon resisted arrest slightly and that got her thrown into AD SEG. It was yard recall after that. Then we had a fire inspection this afternoon. That cut our long program down. But, at least we got out at 3pm for 45 minutes. Some time, is always better than no time. Plus, our room needed a breather. 
The tension has been building between Jazy and TT and it's sad to see, because I like both of them and they are friends. But, drama has been brewing and it sucks because it makes the room uncomfortable. But, the 5 of us, Sam, Smiley, Ms Dolly, Prego, and I, have been keeping it together the best we can. But today, it blew up. Jazy and TT got into a screaming match that turned into them throwing blows. I couldn't watch. Ms Dolly tried so hard to prevent it too. I like them both, I don't want to see them fight. They stopped, but then had round two. I felt awful. The room was so tense. You can't stop it, you can't call the cops. Rule #6, Do Not Snitch. I like them both and felt sick to my stomach that they fought. But, was so grateful that we got to go outside . We all needed a breather and when we came back, it was squashed and over with. But, of course, room 5 watched it all go down from their windows across the hall. Room Rule and actually Rule #9, What Happens in Your Room, Stays in Your Room. When "Cuba" asked me about it, I said nothing except it was a "room issue". But, "Norbit", came running out of room 5 and hit the yard telling everyone about the fight she saw. Not a smart move. She broke Rule #4, Stay Out of the Mix and Drama. When we came back in, TT let Norbit have it. Jazy was pissed too, it was not Norbit's business. Like I have been told "there ain't no business like your own business" and getting into to other people's business will get you in a lot of trouble. 

503 finally brought my mail over. Got a letter and a bunch of photo cards, along with a catalog. We spent the rest of the night together going through the catalog. Picking our favorite food items on each page. Anything to feel "normal" again. 


  1. The Bigger they are the harder they fall :),...
    The wee Lass would be like wire or more springy ,
    Good at dancing!!/moving faster!!,
    5 weeks for canteen that is wild,
    Peace light & Unity
    All the best take care :)