Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 150 (2/19/15) "They leave and you feel alone"

Woke up today at 3am. The officer came to get Prego. He told her to pack up, she was leaving. She had 45 minutes. I was so happy for her. She's going to CIW until her release on March 5th. Now, she will be closer to home when she gets out and have the medical care she needs until then. We all helped her pack. This is what's best for her and her babies. But, I am going to miss her so much. My San Diego roomie, my Charger fan. How did I get attached to her so quickly ? To all these women in this room ? I couldn't sleep. It was a rough day. I think we all miss her presence and taking care of her and those babies.
No duckett and no program today. How frustrating ! I'm really tired of not being able to go outside . Last week and this week has been horrible ! Thinking about Prego leaving makes me want out of here that much more. I really want off A-Yard (receiving). Keeping my fingers crossed I see my counselor next week. Only 9 more days in this month.
We got our new roommate this afternoon. Her name is "NayNay". She is 21 years old and from LA. Just a kid. She seems sweet, very polite, and keeps to herself. I think she's going to fit in room 4 just fine !
Tonight was a good night despite not getting to program this evening. TT and Jazy are back to their normal fun selves. They laughed and joked about their fight. It was more like 2 sisters fighting rather than 2 enemies. I'm just happy things are getting back to "normal", whatever normal is anymore. Still missing Prego, but I think Smiley misses her the most. She was her "med buddy" and her room BFF. It's sad she is gone. You get comfortable, you have a temporary family and then they leave and you feel alone. Feels like it's day one all over again. Too much time on A-yard is rough. Tomorrow is another day, a better day.....I hope.

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