Monday, July 13, 2015

Days 145 & 146 (2/14/15) Documented Medical Issue

The weekend started out with Valentine's Day. Thankfully, love was in the air and it was calm and peaceful. We got our full afternoon program and there were no fights. The jerk officer we had for the 4 days is gone. Hopefully, he stays gone. Found out there was a 3rd incident this week involving an inmate and a cop. Friday night during evening program, "Little Bill" got into an altercation with the housing unit officer. "Little Bill" is now in AD SEG. Currently, she's been on A-yard (receiving) for 16 months. Average time is 3-4 months. She's supposed to get out sometime this year. I'd go crazy being on A-yard that long. But, I guess multiple fights and medical mental health had kept her here all this time. She may just be paroling from this yard now. 
Sunday, short staffed again. We are on 3rd watch status, no program today. That's 4 days this week without program. No wonder there are so many fights and problems. They keep us locked inside so much. We need to get outside and release that energy. 
Our neighbor across the way had two medical emergencies again today. The first one, she wet the bed and claimed she couldn't get up. Then an hour later, she called them again. The second time was during meds and the nurse was pissed off and wanting to not respond anymore, because she thinks she's fine. The nurses believe she's trying to get back to 805 (the hospital). The hospital will not take her. She has clogged stints in her heart and is waiting for the procedure to clear them, but it's not life threatening, so she has to be patient. The sergeant on duty told the nurse "She has a documented medical issue and if she needs us, we will come, because the one time we don't respond and she croaks, I'm not going to be the unlucky guy to deal with it. So, what ? It took 10-15 minutes to respond, now you can go back to giving meds". The nurse wasn't happy about it. They do come at least once a day for this woman, sometimes 2-3 times a day for this woman. After the sergeant left, a female officer told her she was going to get in trouble for "faking" it. Her roommates patience is wearing thin, they have asked her to be moved. The lady should be very grateful for the room she's in, because they help her out a lot and put up with her. There are women here that would not be so nice. 

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