Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 140 (2/9/15) Like I was Human

Happy Monday, and the start of a new week. Need two more ducketts before I can see my counselor. I’m hoping to get one this week and one next week. My friend “Elen” got here four weeks before me and she told me she just saw her counselor and will be out of here in 1-2 weeks. I’m happy for her and it gives me hope, because she got everything done in 60 days. I hope I can as well. 
It was a beautiful day, but due to the gas leak in building 703, everyone had to evacuate and wait for the fire department to clear the building for re-entry. There went our AM program time. It's alright being in 502, it’s not as bad when you don’t get to program. In 503, I would have been freaking out and pacing. Wanting to know why we aren’t programming. 
The view we have from our window let’s us see everything that’s going on all the time. Who needs TV when you have real life entertainment right in front of us every day, all day. Today was laundry and canteen shopping for housing unit 501. In 501, there are EOP’s and women on A-yard. EOP is: Enhanced Outpatient Program. They are women who are “over the wall” (on their way to their mainstream prison) but have special needs. Special mental health needs and that includes a few (hard to house” inmates. It can get really crazy over there. They are currently building the EOP’s their own housing unit. They need it ! Well, the EOP’s shopped today and either the women didn’t pay back debts they owed or they fought over each others canteens, because there were three fights today over in 501. They were all EOP’s. One fight included four women. The second fight was bloody. The first girl they brought out was bleeding all over her face and when she came back from medical, she had scratches all over her face. The last fight after dinner only had one inmate coming out in handcuffs. It was a busy day over there in 501. 
Being stuck inside all day with no programming was a true test of how well everyone in our 8 man cell gets along. To my surprise, it wasn't bad. We all got along pretty well. Janie is a little loud and annoying. Always banging on the windows and yelling down the hall to her girlfriend. She also makes comments about us not being clean enough or always making a mess or some shit. It’s irritating, but I ignore it. But, I can see and sense the tension between Janie and some of the others. But, they just bite their tongues. We will see for how long. Other than that, everyone gets along great and tries to have fun. I’m still enjoying my new housing assignment. 
I got to read some magazines today. In Receiving, you are not only cut off from your family and friends, but the outside world as well. We are isolated, away from the news, TV, and newspapers. I feel like I have no idea what’s going on in the world, so, to read the magazines today, felt a little “normal”. Like I was human. 

Being over here in housing 502, I feel like I have left the black hole and have entered into the light.

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