Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 139 (2/8/15) I don't want medical here

We officially made it an entire week with no fog. We had clear beautiful weather all week. I hope the weather stays this way. 
After breakfast we had another medical emergency across the way in room 5. There is a woman in there with heart issues. I guess she had an emergency yesterday too. She feels like she is having a heart attack. The officers yesterday were really rude and mean, yelling at her and and letting medical this was her 3rd “heart attack” this week. They were very irritated and annoyed. I wasn’t sure if she was faking or not. Some woman said she came from mental health. Others say she has stints in her heart. So, her issues are real, the CO’s are just being dicks. Today’s officers were nice. Medical showed up, took her vitals and left. Medical care in here is alright. Not great, but they are required to make an effort. I have heard some horror stories. I‘ve watched the staff during an emergency. They never come running. If you are really dying, lord help you. I heard they mixed up two women’s procedures, did the wrong procedure on each woman. Ms. Dolly was given the wrong medicine, not once, but twice. They could have killed her. I’m thankful I’m healthy. I don’t want any medical care in here. There are too many women and not enough staff. Prego said when she was at the hospital here, it was packed and over capacity. That they had women sleeping in the hallways. Must be why they are using cells for quarantine. CA needs to get it together and reduce the prison population and hire more staff. So much money is being wasted. Prison reform is desperately needed. I have heard all the talk of "Don't get sick in prison, you may not make it out". Crazy. Another day down. 

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