Sunday, June 7, 2015

Days 128,129,130 (1/28/15) It's easy to lose hope

The nice weather ended, back to fog again. I officially hate the weather here (Chowchilla, CA). Another fog day, no programming for us today. No ducketts either, another boring day inside, Boredom is definitely one of the hardest things about prison. 
On the way to breakfast, we had another two women on suicide watch. It’s sad to see and a little shocking, but I can imagine, never been to prison before, or you have a really long sentence. It’s easy to lose hope and give up. There was a girl on the top tier, she’s 20 years old, she is here for attempted murder, she was sentenced to 36 years. She tried to hang her self from the top tier with a sheet, but the CO’s were able to stop her. All the young lives I see in here, too many women caught up in drugs, or with the wrong man. All it takes is one bad decision and your life changes forever. There is a woman here that was a runner up for the TV show “America’s Next Top Model”. She’s traveled the world and experienced things that people could only dream of and now she’s here in prison. It’s so easy for your life to get out of control and turned upside down. No one plans to come here. 
“Life is a process of making mistakes, learning from them, and making wise choices. No one is perfect, but we can become better with each new day when we are ready to learn”

Day 129 (1/29/15)

Our crazy neighbor in 101 is back. She’s not back in cell 101 but back in our housing unit. She didn’t make it a full 24 hours in the other unit. Guess she ran her mouth too much and a couple of girls jumped her. She got into a fight and got kicked out of 501. There are women here that don’t care, they will fight over every little thing, especially when you run your mouth and are dis-respectful. Rule #5: Mind your own business and be respectful of others. 

Day 130 (1/30/15)

Another really bad fog day. I have never experienced fog like this, ever ! I’m getting sick of the fog. Tired of not programming and getting stuck inside all day. I appreciate the sun and fresh air a lot more. 

I got more mail today. Another postcard from my Husband and one from my Mom. Also received a duckett to pick up books / property tomorrow morning. Everyone said the mail was 3-4 weeks behind, but it’s actually not bad at all. The book my Husband sent, was perfect timing. I finished the book I was reading and due to the fog, the library was closed this week, so it came just in time. Another day down. 

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