Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 134 & 135 (2/3/15) Taboo

The girl in quarantine was released today. I am happy about that. I couldn’t take it anymore. 2am meds, every morning at 2am, the nurse would come to give her meds and she was loud and they would slam the door shut, waking me and my roommate up every morning. So irritating.

Beautiful weather, no fog. Still short staffed, but we are still getting yard time, so, I can’t complain. We got a new neighbor in 101 today. She was in 503 before. She was the one that would always cuss out the CO’s. This should be interesting. After dinner, Taya, our new neighbor, was talking to me through the vent between our cells. She told me she’s been here since 1/6 and already has two 115’s (write ups). Then proceeded to ask my opinion and advice about a girl she likes in 501. That’s where she got moved from. She kept getting caught out of bounds (being in areas off limits, such as other peoples rooms), so they moved her out of the housing unit. She wanted to know what taboo meant, because there’s a girl in 501 named “Taboo”. She’s a lifer and is hard to house. The story is she got mad at her girlfriend in here and in a jealous rage, cut her face and then sewed it up herself before count. So, basically, she’s crazy and Taya really likes her and wanted to know from me if she should pursue Taboo even though her girl from County was coming up soon. I was honest and said “If I were you, I’d stay away from Taboo” but, Taya seems as crazy as Taboo. So, who knows. This is why you don’t get a girlfriend in prison and why I keep to myself and stay out of the mix. 

Day 135 (2/4/15) Prison is a very lonely Place

My roommate and I had talked about how it was smart to stay out of the mix and not get a girlfriend, but Maya (roommate) didn’t listen to her own advice and last week started dating / seeing, whatever you call it in here, Alex. She’s a couple of cells down. I didn’t care, to each their own. Plus, I like Alex, she’s a great girl with a wonderful personality and very positive all the time. But, tonight at dinner, they broke up. Well, Maya got dumped via a note. I feel like I am trapped on a school yard, surrounded by many troubled, young, immature women and I just can’ relate. I was a good roommate and listened and tried to consul Maya. She really fell hard for Alex and was heartbroken. 
There’s a reason for the term “Gay while you stay”. Prison is an extremely lonely place. 

It happens, it’s everywhere around here. 

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