Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 138 (2/7/15) As good as I'm going to get

Happy Birthday to my Dad today. Missing my family a lot this morning. I can’t wait to be off the receiving yard and able to have a job, make calls, and have visits. It is getting much more eventful here everyday. With a window that overlooks the yard, we get to see everything that is going on. 
After breakfast, there was a fight in our unit. We watched from the window as they escorted the handcuffed girl out to the sergeants office. I guess it’s a lot easier to go into other peoples rooms in this unit . After breakfast, Janie's girlfriend “Dreamer”, spent the morning with us until we went out to program. I really wasn’t comfortable with it, because I don’t want any trouble. Not sure how everyone else felt about it, but I just moved in, so I didn’t say a word. Just got on my bunk and read. The other thing Janie did was put her ID in the door, so she can just open the door. I don’t know why, it’s not like she could go anywhere. All she was doing was putting our room in jeopardy of getting in trouble. I’m not sure about Janie, this isn’t her first rodeo and she’s been in all the housing units, including AD SEG (solitary, lockdown 23 hours a day). I don’t even want to know what got her there. 
Before dinner, 503 was walking back from dinner, they were on the path in front of their housing unit when two girls started fighting. All 8 of us were in the window watching. They were punching each other, then took it to the ground, wrestling around in the grass. The officers walked up and told them to stop fighting, they didn’t. So, out came the pepper spray. Fight ended, both girls were handcuffed, and hauled off. We had PM programming tonight, but because of the fight and medical emergency, only got 15 minutes. I didn’t mind, dayroom is not that exciting. Spent to rest of the night, talking, laughing, and singing. I really enjoy listening to Jazy and TT sing. I really like my new housing assignment. There are so many different situations, cells, roommates, personalities in prison. When you get a decent one, you have to be grateful for however long it lasts. 

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