Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 131 & 132 (1/31/15) Quarantine

Our neighbors in 101 have to move. The CO came over and said “I have to move you, I need the cell for quarantine” What !? A medical quarantine is moving next door. I can’t imagine being stuck in one of those cells by yourself with nothing to do, never getting outside. Everyone is dying to know what the girl in quarantine has. Rumor was lice, but you don’t go to quarantine for lice. Then we heard TB. Rumors run wild in here. I mean, what else is there to do ? We eventually found out she has shingles (adult chicken pox). I heard the nurse talking with her tonight before dinner. Wonder how many people ended up getting it ? 

I was 3rd in line for a shower tonight. We get 45 minutes to shower. That's for all of us. It’s usually not a problem, but tonight, the girl ahead of me, took a 30 minute shower. I collected my ID and moved showers. The girl came up to me and said “Did I take too long ?” If you have to ask me that, you know you took too long. Then she has the nerve to tell me the shower is open with 5 minutes until unit recall. She has a lot to learn. I was mad and her talking to me made me even angrier. It’s called shower courtesy, try and have some. 

The fog finally cleared and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend. I hope it stays like this. 

Day 132 (2/1/15) Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday ! Beautiful weather today. Looking forward to getting outside today. We have not had an am program all week, because of the fog. But, we are on 1st watch status. They are short staffed, so no program again today. Guess all the officers are home having Super Bowl parties. I remember Super Bowl Sunday’s. It was so much fun. Seems so long ago. I miss my family so much. 
For the first time ever, we had all females working our housing unit. It’s usually always male in this housing unit. In county it was 90% female deputies working. Here in prison, it’s 90% male staff and 10% female staff. Just an observation. 

Well, another week comes to a close. 

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