Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 125 & 126 (1/25/15) These Women are Crazy Jealous

Uneventful Sunday. A lot of fog again this morning. But it burned off and we got to program this afternoon. Spent 2.5 hours outside. On our way to dinner tonight, the CO told our neighbor in 101 “don’t shut your door, I’m coming in” as he was putting his gloves on. She was getting raided again. The CO looked way too happy. He enjoys messing with her. 
Woke up again in the early morning. The CO’s were moving someone in to room 101. She was not happy and didn’t want to go in. The CO’s told her she didn’t have a choice. Have no idea why she got moved. Either fighting with her roommate or maybe her roommate was on suicide watch. 503 is used for suicide watch. It’s overcrowded here, so they place them in cells by themselves with nothing but a blanket and a sweatshirt / sweater looking dress. They post a nurse outside the cell for 24/7 lockdown and observation. You would be surprised or at least I was, with how many people go on suicide watch. The other day I saw two cells on suicide watch. There are times it certainly feels like there’s not much to live for. 

Days 126 (1/26/15)

Start of a new week. It was a beautiful day today. Clear blue skies for once. It’s usually foggy and cold. I miss and appreciate sunny San Diego weather. 

On our way back from breakfast, our crazy neighbor got into it with another woman. Arguing about keeping her up all night with all her yelling. Our crazy neighbor kept running her mouth. It's the same everyday. “Women are going to end up in 504 (Ad Seg) or Heaven they keep messing with me”. It’s irritating and I can’t concern myself with her non-sense and drama. Our new neighbor in 101 is just as crazy, but jealous crazy. Today when the top tier was out programming, she was going to bust down that door and kick some girls ass for following and flirting with her girlfriend. Rule #3, don’t flirt or mess around with another woman’s girlfriend. Half the fights, drama, and problems here are over “domestic” issues. The green eyed monster lives BIG here and raises it’s ugly head and these women are crazy jealous. Jewelz is still on this yard because of the fights she’s been in (been here 7 months). Her last fight was bad. A girl messed around with her girlfriend when they were in County. When the girl got here, she talked shit and rubbed it in Jewelz face. So, when the girl was in the shower, Jewelz busted in and started kicking her ass. Smashed her face into the wall and because the girl in the shower was naked, the officer didn’t feel comfortable just breaking it up. She hurt the girl bad. Caught another case and will be on this yard for a while. It’s just smart to stay out of that drama. It only brings trouble. This afternoon, they handed out muumuus. If you get a muumuu, you are going over the wall. My neighbor and walking partner Liz, got a muumuu. She’s going over the wall and then transferring to CIW. I’m so happy for her. I am going to miss her, but she needed to go. Now, she can talk to her Husband and Daughters. I miss her already.

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