Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 136 & 137 (2/5/15) Moving Day

A new quarantine moved into 101 today. Taya got to move back to 501 with her cousin and Taboo. Another case of shingles. I want to get off this yard before I get exposed to shingles. What’s up with this place ? So many cases of shingles keeps going around. Maya said they had a ton of outbreaks and quarantine over the summer too. Are they not disinfecting the areas and rooms ? Probably not, because they don’t care. I’d hate to be sick or need medical in this place. They just go through the motions, because they have to by law and don’t want to be sued. 
My Bunkie was a mess today trying to get over Alex. I told her if she has to move, she better tell me, because I’m moving too. 
I didn’t get my shower again today. The porter put this newbie in a muumuu ahead of us and she took 20 minutes. The porter had to tell her to get out ! WTF ! Screwed 3 out of us out of a shower. I am over fighting for a shower and dealing with this unit. It’s time to move on and I may ask for a courtesy move this weekend, plus I think it will be good for my bunkie too. Just thankful for another day down. 

Day 137 (2/6/15)

Got up this morning, like every morning, ready and waiting for breakfast. My bunkie was at her diabetic check when the CO came up to our cell and said “pack your things, we have to move you, we need this cell for another quarantine”. I asked “Do you know where we are moving to ?” He had no idea. I was nervous. I didn’t want to stay in 503, this was my chance to get out of here. When my roommate returned, we packed everything. I told her that everything happens for a reason. She needed to get away from her ex-girlfriend who lived two doors down. This move is just what she needed. When they opened the doors I immediately asked “do we get to go to 501 or 502 ?” The CO said “Is that where you want to go ?” We both responded with “yes”. But, he said unfortunately, you (me) are moving upstairs. We were both very disappointed, no longer roommates, still in this unit, and upstairs. The only positive was we were still neighbors. The CO made a call and pulled my bunkie out. She was moving to 502. My heart sank. I hoped I got to move as well. I didn’t even unpack. I just stood at the cell door. I had heard them talking about what cell they were going to put me in. Oh my God no. I dreaded my new roommate. She already had two 115’s, so I knew she was trouble and not very nice. I stood there waiting, hoping, praying I would get to move too, then the CO motioned to me and the cell door opened. I grabbed my bags so fast and was out of there, off to 502 as well. I met my bunkie (former) in the dayroom of 502, both of us super happy. I was a little nervous about the move, but the pure joy of being gone from that dark, dreary, dungeon of 503, kept my nerves in check. We waited for our room assignments. We both hoped to be on the same program and we were. She moved into B hall and I to A hall. ‘A’ hall, room 4, #3 top bunk. The officer walked me to my room and said room 4 was a pretty good room. I hope he’s right. I heard it’s much better over here. But, I also knew there was a lot of drama and fighting. I wasn’t looking for that, but I was definitely looking forward to to the shower in the room. As I walked in, I immediately liked the room. It’s a large room with an actual door, a window that looks out into the yards. There are 4 bunk beds, 8 lockers, two sinks, two large mirrors, a bathroom, and a shower. There are 8 of us in here, but it’s much roomier than the tiny two man cells and it’s less like a cell. We are locked in, but it does not feel so dark and closed in. My bed is right next to the window. I am able to look outside ! I love it ! I met my 7 roommates quickly before we left for breakfast. Everyone seems pretty nice and most of them welcomed me. There’s Jazzy, she’s tall thin and beautiful. She could be a model. She also has a great voice and wonderful personality. Her bunkie is Smiley. She’s a Mom like me with a Son and Daughter. Then there’s Janie. She has a girlfriend named Dreamer that lives down the hall in room 8. Her Bunkie is Prego. She’s from San Diego and a Charger fan. She’s expecting twins in March. She goes home on March 5th. Then there is Sam. She’s very young, nice, and quiet. She’s always reading. Her bunkie is Ms. Dolly. I love Ms. Dolly. Like me, it’s her first and last time in prison. She’s an older woman.Very sweet and she makes me laugh. Finally, my bunkie is TT. She was on my prison kickball team. She’s hilarious and loves to sing and dance. She’s fun with a great sense of humor. We get a long great and she loves to trade me for cookies. It’s only day one, but I think I got a good room. No one seems crazy or obnoxious. Everyone seems to be respectful and get along. I think the CO was right. I got a good room. Took a nice, long, hot shower after breakfast. Having a shower in the room makes the world of difference. No more fighting for a shower. Time goes by faster when you have 7 other people in the room. Plus, books to share. I‘m very grateful I got to move today. I finished day one in 502 with a second shower before bed. 


  1. You seem to be having a rather grueling time, but that will pass. At the very least, you are doing a fine service for many people by giving them a glimpse of the day-to-day prison life, enough to make them see how much of a social problem incarceration is. Stay strong!

    Eliseo Weinstein @ JR's Bail Bonds