Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 127 (1/27/15) Scared to death

I had orientation / PREA this morning. The presentation is done by three girls from “over the wall”. They work in the counseling office. One of the girls was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 16. I couldn’t believe it. She is now 30 years old. She is a very positive and beautiful young lady. She lives life to the fullest and makes the best of her situation everyday. It’s amazing an inspirational. She said there are drugs and alcohol “over the wall” if you want that or you can do positive things and better your life so you are a better person when you get home. She is never going home, but tries to better herself everyday. 

It was a beautiful day today. Warm and sunny. Spent the entire afternoon program outside. I ran into my friend Ellen, from County. She’s on the opposite program, but was coming back from medical. So, we walked together for about 30 minutes. It was really nice to catch up and see a familiar face. After dinner, they had 5 open beds in 501 they had to fill. They were asking for volunteers to move. I want to move, but I’m comfortable with my routine and roommate. So, we decided to stay. Plus, our crazy neighbor in 101 volunteered and we did not want to be in a room with her. She can’t get a long with one roommate, what makes her think she can get along with 7. My roommate and I both agree she will be back in 503. Once our crazy neighbor left, that opened up a bed in 101 and the housing officer was doing lots of moves. He moved a girl into 101. The second the cell door opened, she left her stuff and was refusing to go in. The CO came back and said “come on, just one night, get in there”. The woman was scared to death and almost in tears. Then the crazy jealous girl that was in the cell says “Hell no. She’s the one that got me moved”. The officer was like “Are you serious !? Fine, come with me”. The officer was so irritated. 100 cells. What are the odds that two women that had to be separated almost end up back together !? Our crazy neighbor was on another jealous rampage tonight. She is crazy. 

I got mail tonight, I couldn’t believe it. I was expecting anything so soon. I received two postcards. One from my Mother in law and a photo postcard from my Husband. I immediately started crying. They were tears of joy. That photo postcard meant the world to me. Now, I have a picture of my family and knowing they are ok, is huge to me. I love and miss them so much. It’s hard not being able to talk or see them. 

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