Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 124 (1/24/15) Her roommate locked her out

It’s the weekend here at Chowchilla. I don’t like the weekends too much. They are boring and you have to hope the weather is good so you can at least program. 
No fog today, but at 6:45am when we were waiting for chow, they had an emergency count. My roommate was heading over to her diabetic check when they made the entire facility return to their beds for a mandatory count. There was either an attempted escape or someone was missing. If it was serious, we could be on lockdown for days. I figured they just lost someone. An hour and a half later, we finally went to breakfast. On the walk back from breakfast, our neighbor announced if we wanted any sleep, we all needed to sign a petition so she can get her meds. Everyone is over this woman. Her roommate locked her out of the cell this morning, so the chaos begins. 
All they do all day is fight, yell, argue, and bicker. My roommate and I usually laugh about it. It’s a “live” daily soap opera. When the crazy lady left for her 8am meds, her roommate threw all her stuff out of the cell and slammed the door shut. World War 3 will be starting once she gets back. But, before she was back, a porter and the CO came over and put her stuff back and told her she would be moved today. The head housing officer will take care of it at 2pm once he got there. But, when she got back from meds, she refused to go into her cell and made a huge scene. She keeps trying to blame her roommate for all the trouble. But everyone, including the officers know what’s going on. She’s been here 3 weeks and has been moved 3 times. The officer yelled at her to sit down and moved her roommate to a different cell.  Our crazy neighbor is still our neighbor, but in the cell alone. We will see what happens. We didn’t get to program today because we were in a non-movement lockdown because of this mornings mandatory count. My roommate got a book and she is sharing it with me. We are both reading it. I am thankful, the books really pass the time. 

“Books make life and time more tolerable in some pretty intolerable times” 

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