Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 122 & 123 (1/22/15) "Sick in the Head"

Officially one week. It went by pretty quick. Got another duckett, going to medical today. 
Breakfast was interesting today, as Jewelz and Kali were planning on hooking up after breakfast. They are not in the same cell, but are next to each other (104 and 105). Jewelz was going into Kali’s cell after breakfast. Kali’s roommate was totally uncomfortable with the situation. She tried to stay back and clean tables. But, no such luck. She had to endure their hook up session. 
Then, our crazy neighbor in 101, was back at it again. This time fighting with her roommate. Bitching and complaining that she’s dumb and only 21 and needs to respect her elders. I believe in respecting your elders, but that does not give you a pass to be rude and dis-respectful. Our neighbor is loud, bossy, and condescending. She caused a scene pounding on the door until the CO (correctional officer) came over. She was demanding her roommate be moved. He wasn’t putting up with her shit. He told her the only move she was getting was to Ad Seg (Administrative Segregation). That’s 24/7 lockdown. She kept on arguing and he says “Welcome to prison” and walked away. 
At laundry, our crazy neighbor tried to get sympathy, but no one was having it. No one cares. She is loud and obnoxious. She’s going to get her ass kicked one of these days. 

Day 123 (1/23/15)

Lots of fog this morning. The weather here sucks, because you can be on lockdown or modified program because of the weather and I hate not getting to program and not going outside. 
Trying to keep myself busy. It can be rough at times. I’m working on making a deck of cards. We didn’t get all our program time, but we got some and some is better than none. Within 10 minutes of being outside, it was “yard down”. Two girls in our unit got into a fight over the shower. One threw her shampoo bottle and it hit the other lady in the mouth. The lady went after her. The girl went running until she was cornered. She got in a few good hits before they broke it up. 30 minutes later it was “yard down” again ! This time in 703, the medical building. It was the fire alarm. It was a 20 minute ordeal, but at least I was outside enjoying the fresh air. 

Another day down and off to sleep. Of course our neighbor in 101 was up all night. Sometime around 2:30am, she’s hollering “Medical Emergency ! Medical Emergency !”. She’s sick and needs to see medical. She kept asking the CO what time it was and he kept saying “time to sleep”. She kept at it. I was like please be quiet. She kept screaming “I’m sick, I’m sick”. The CO said “Sick in the head”. I laughed, rolled over and went back to sleep. I’m thankful I could sleep through it, but not everyone was so lucky. Lots of women were up all night because of her and they were not happy about it. The lady in 101 is not making any friends. 

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