Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 116 (1/16/15) 50 women, 8 showers.

I said goodbye to Toni at 4am. I thanked her and wished her luck. Then I fell back to sleep until breakfast. Breakfast is around 7am. Much better than County breakfast which was at 4am. I was sound asleep when they called for breakfast. I was so frantic and rushing out of my cell for breakfast, I forgot my ID. You never go anywhere without your ID. So, I had to tell the officer and ask him to open my cell. He was not happy at all. I spent the morning cleaning and putting my stuff away. Once settled in, I wrote my family. I enjoyed the cell to myself. The unit I’m in is 2 man cells. 50 cells on the bottom tiers and 50 cells on the top. The cells are very small with bunk beds, a tiny desk with a stool, shelf unit attached to the wall, and a sink and toilet. It’s very tight quarters. We program in the AM and the afternoon, we alternate days. Today is AM program. But, when the fog is heavy, no programming. Today was very foggy, so no programming. 
You get a lunch box right after breakfast, so you eat lunch whenever you want. 
I had my lunch around noon when I got a new roommate. I was hoping to not get a new roommate until Monday, but no such luck. There is very rarely any open beds around here. 
Maya is 22 years old and from Fresno. She had to do a 90 day op in receiving back in July, before she as sentenced, so she’s been through this. She’s “normal’ and nice. Her and I should get along fine. I am thankful for my roommate, we are both on the same page to stay out of trouble and get through receiving as quick as possible. If you cause trouble, you lose your program time. If it’s serious, you get write ups (115’s). The more problems you have or cause , the longer it takes to get through receiving. Every 115 you receive, guarantees 30 additional days on “A” yard (receiving). I want out of here quickly, so I don’t want any trouble and there are plenty of troublemakers who don’t care here. 
Got called for laundry this afternoon. Out of my muumuu and in to “oranges”. 

After  dinner we had evening program. It’s 30 minutes long. 50 women, 8 showers, yeah showers are going to be a fight. Another day down. 

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