Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 117 & 119 (1/17/15) "YARD DOWN"

I received my first duckett after breakfast. Duckett’s are like passes to send you where you need to go for the receiving process. Mine was for medical at 10am. It was a quick check. Just checking the results of my TB test. But, it was nice to get out. I should be busy the first couple of weeks with lots of ducketts. You have to go through mental health, medical, dental, testing, labs, and orientation, then the duckett you look forward to the most is the one you get to see your counselor. I just got here, but I’m already looking forward to the day I get out of here (go over the wall). Got to program today, we had long afternoon program. They let us out and I hit the yard. It feels wonderful to be outside wearing tennis shoes and to actually walk. I walked the entire 3 hours. I met and walked with Liz. She’s a 70 year old woman, who is my neighbor in cell 103. We walked and talked a good portion of the afternoon. She’s been here for almost 90 days. I’m really getting nervous about how long it takes to get through receiving. The Sergeant and the handbook says it takes 30-60 days. But, everyone I have talked to, says it’s it’s more like 90 days. I hope I can get processed quickly. Every case is different. 
I’ve read the handbook 3 times now. Tomorrow I’m going to start reading the Title 15, rules and regulations book. Something to pass the time until I can get to the library. 
No fog this morning, so we got to AM program on Sunday morning. The weekends are pretty boring. No mail, usually no ducketts. At least we got program time. I spent the afternoon watching TV from my bunk. We have an ok view of the TV from our cell. It helps pass the time. It's crazy to think I can't call my family the whole time I'm here. Who exactly is being punished here ? 

i saw my first Death Row inmate today. Death Row is in 504 on A-yard. When they are being transported from their housing unit, we have to stop and clear the way until they pass. It was unreal. Like, is this really happening ? Am I really here ? I also experienced my first “yard down”. Whenever something happens they yell “yard down, stop all movement on A-yard”. You have to stop immediately and sit down until they announce “resume normal program”. Yard down could be a fight, altercation, or medical emergency. Another day down at Central California Women’s Facility. 

Day 119 (1/19/15)

It's Monday, but it's a holiday, so another boring day waiting for the receiving process to get started. Did get to go to R and R (receiving and release) today to get a new ID card. The ID maker was broken when we first got here, so they made us temporary ones. I saw all the girls I came up with. Everyone is doing really well and adjusting, One of the girls, she was originally put in 503, the 8 man cells, but she didn't make more than 3 days before they moved her to 503, the two man cells. She's not all there mentally. 
Only got partial program today, but some time is better than no time. 

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