Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 108 (1/8/15) Things are getting out of control

Today was a little easier than yesterday. I just have to accept the fact that I’m still here and make the best of it. Plus it helps that last night, my Son told me he was happy I was still here. Hearing that on the phone just warmed my heart. If he’s happy I’m hear, then I’m happy. 
In the past two days, we have gotten a lot of new people in our housing unit and it’s not good. I feel like this unit went to hell in a hand basket over night. We have a bunch of loud, rude, and annoying ladies in here. A bunch of them love to talk about themselves. Guess what ? I don’t know you, we are not friends and I don’t care ! I’m not your lawyer, do not ask me for legal advice. I’m not your therapist, don’t tell me about you family and home life issues. I’m not your friend, so do not ask me for advice. I’m not your doctor, do not tell me about all your ailments and I’m not your personal trainer, so no, I don’t want you walking with me today. I just mind my own business and prefer to be left alone. I couldn’t get away from these newbies fast enough today. I am tired of being punished as a housing unit because they can’t follow simple rules. The deputies need to step up and start rolling the problems out of the movement dorms. Send them to lockdown dorms. They don’t care, so get rid of them. 

Day 109 (1/9/15)

Finally, chocolate cake for dinner. We haven’t had chocolate cake in weeks. It’’s one of the little things I look forward to. Helps me get through the week. 

I’m on the phone with my family last night, when we get sent to lockdown again. Another fight. This time, next door in “C”. The fights are starting to get out of hand here. That’s 5 fights in the last month. 2 in our housing unit and 3 next door in “C”. I guess a new girl just moved into “C” and had a bunch of her psych meds (Xanax), not sure if she was cheeking them or saving them, but she had them and was selling them for commissary items. A bunch of women paid her candy bars and chips for the pills. I guess she didn’t pay up or pay up to everyone she owed. It was said she stiffed 3 Mexican ladies, so she was assumed racist and someone kicked her ass. They fought, we went on lockdown the rest of the night. One girl was moved into our unit and put on a 24 hour lockdown (great move, another problem in our unit). The entire 3C dorm is on lockdown today and I saw them roll out four women into 3E/3F. Things are really getting out of control here. 

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