Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 120 & 121 (1/20/15) "They can make your stay miserable"

We got a new neighbor today in cell 101. This woman is off her rocker. She got here 12/31 and didn’t last a week in 502. Then moved to 501, she couldn’t get along with 7 roommates, so she’s now in 503. She has cursed out a porter, verbally fought with our housing officer, and constantly fights with her roommate. Maya and I laugh listening to it, but are so thankful she’s not our roommate. She is constantly screaming “fuck the police”, “screw the cops”, while the others talking about taking a lock to her face, I am thankful for my roommate. We get along great. It can always be worse. “Live a day at a time and do the best that you can”. 

Day 121 (1/21/15)

Received two ducketts for today. Had testing in the morning and mental health in the afternoon. The testing is to determine what type of job you qualify for. There were women talking about intentionally doing poorly, so they can qualify for schooling and earn milestones to get 6 weeks off of their sentence. I guess you earn time off as well for re-taking the test and scoring higher. I want a good job so I’m not playing games. I’m doing my best. Mental health assessment took 10 minutes, got cleared, that’s another item off the list. After yard today, our crazy neighbor in 101 was getting loud and singing after count until dinner. The officer told her to keep it down and be quiet or she was going to be “capped” (lose your program time, among a couple other fun things). She got louder and started arguing and fighting with him. Not only did she get “capped”, he said “I’ll be in your room tonight”. During chow, he went into her cell and fucked her room up. She was quiet the rest of the night. Some of the correctional officers are decent and respectful, but others are jerks and intentionally look to mess with you. They can make your stay miserable, so it’s best you do what you have to do and get off the receiving yard. It’s not worth it to fight with them. Our main housing officer enjoys screwing with women. But, if you follow his few rules, he’s cool. But, if not, he enjoys “capping” your room. Welcome to prison. 

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