Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 107 (1/7/15) I Waited and Waited, Nothing

We locked down at 9:45pm. Night count was over, lights went out. I waited and waited, nothing. I stayed up and wrote a letter to my Husband and after the second walk through by our deputy, I knew I wasn’t going. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. How can I still be here ? I got ready for bed and just laid there in dis-belief. 
I woke up this morning and just the thought of being here another week brought tears to my eyes. Then, the reality of another 4 weeks here killed me. They say the bus comes every week or every other week. But, I have been here and have watched 3 prison runs and they are every 4 weeks. So, by not being on that bus means, I’m stuck waiting another month. There is no guarantee I’ll be on February's run. This isn’t right. I am so upset. It’s not that this place is so horrible, the point is I’m not eligible to work or participate in any programs and services because I’m a Department of Corrections transfer (basically means i’m headed to Prison). Yet, they won’t transfer me and now I’ve been here for so long, it’s going to jeopardize my chance and opportunity to be eligible for programs and schooling once I eventually do get transferred. I want to go to fire camp and by them holding me here, my window of opportunity is closing. That is infuriating to me. Either transfer me or let me work and / or program here. You can’t keep denying me services and refuse to allow me to transfer. I was told over a month ago I could not participate in the Book Legacy’s Program here, because I was told I wouldn’t be here long enough. I’m still here. I could have participated in November, December, and January. It’s becoming ridiculous. All I keep seeing is the tax payers money continually being wasted. For example, there is a girl here waiting to be transferred, she should have went Tuesday, but she’s still here. She has 8 days until here release date. Everyday she is held past her release date, they have to pay her. They are going to pay to transfer her to prison, process her, and then release her. It’s just a total waste of money. It’s totally absurd. It does not seem like they have a very well run system. But, I am sure the salaries of the ones in charge of the prisons and jails systems are outrageous. 

I hope people read this and realize what’s really going on here. 

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