Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 115 (1/15/15) Central California Women's Facility

Finally got transferred. I wasn’t even prepared. I was in bed about to fall asleep when the deputy told me I was being transferred. At first thought, I thought I was moving housing units again, until it registered. I didn’t have time to be nervous. I had to hustle and get ready. at least I had over an hour to get packed and ready. I had to mail out all my stuff, donate my books, and give everything away. Then, at midnight, the deputy walked me to the holding tank, where I waited with 3 other girls until the van showed up around 2am. There were 8 of us. They put chains on our hands and ankles and loaded us into the van. It was a 6 hour drive. One stop in Kern County to use the restroom. I was awake for the first hour or so, then slept most of the way. We arrived at CCWF (Central California Women’s Facility) around 8am. Then the receiving process began. First we had to change out of our clothes, then we were searched, and then issued a muumuu and sandals. You have to wear these the first 24 hours until you are issued a set of orange state prison clothes. Then it was paper work, fingerprints, meet with the sergeant for housing assignments, photo ID cards, property, TB test, and medical check. We were done about 2:30pm. Then we waited to be housed. Due to the heavy fog, everything was behind. We finally got housed around 7pm. I got assigned to 503. 503 is two man cells and buildings 501 and 502 are 8 man cells. I was exhausted and ready to sleep. I met my roommate Toni. A 54 year old woman from LA, that was leaving tomorrow for CIW (California Institute for Women). She was very nice and gave me a rundown of how things worked, helped me make my bed, gave me clothes to sleep in, and left me a bunch of her stuff. 
I climbed up on the top bunk, settled in and fell asleep quickly. Day one was down. 

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