Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 110 & 111 (1/10/15) Chaos and Problems are growing

I was frustrated still being here, so I reached out to the Sergeant to see if I could work and/or participate in programs here while I wait to be transferred. To my surprise, I got a response telling me that I was eligible to apply to work and program. I wasn’t guaranteed anything, because it would be based on behavior and charges, but I was happy to possibly get a chance if I had to be here a few more weeks. I’d like to do something to pass the time. This week really dragged and has been a little hard. I wrote a request to the hiring deputy and plan on re-applying to work on Monday. I’m hoping it works out, as the chaos and problems grow here, I don’t want any part of it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the start of my 3 visits in a row and the end of yet another week. 

Day 111 (1/11/15)

Happy birthday to my best friend I’ve known since we were 13 ! We still keep in touch and we’re still friends even after she found out about my current situation. Happy Birthday !

It’s raining out today, which means no walking to the chowhall or going outside. We passed inspection today, but only because the corporal was nice enough to re-inspect a bunch of cells because they didn’t pass. The entire unit could have been locked down. Thank goodness we were not. But, it was frustrating to start the day off that way. 
One of the new girls flushed her towel down the toilet last night and when her roommate used the toilet this morning, their cell flooded. So, that was a mess and it affected our dayroom time and really irritated the corporal. Of course the girl didn’t care and was laughing about it. That is, until the corporal made her clean it up. It was a rough start to my day. I was a little depressed, but after my visit with my Daughter, my day turned around. I was happy. That visit got my spirits up and through the day. We got late night, no fights tonight, but we did have to lockdown 20 minutes early because of a select few couldn’t be quiet. The deputy warned us, but there are always the few that don’t care and ruin it for everyone else. There were a lot of upset women who didn’t get to see the end of the movie. The problems are brewing. There was talk of another fight. Cuba, the girl that got into that fight a few weeks back, was threatening to kick someones ass again. She was able to stay in our housing, I knew that would be a problem. Seriously, if another fights breaks out, the entire unit is going to suffer and I’m not going to be happy about it. Maybe I’ll be out of here soon. At least another week is down. 

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