Monday, August 31, 2015

Days 168 & 169 (3/9/15) The DA loves to add years in here

Day 168 (3/9/15)

It’s Monday. Hoping and waiting everyday I get my dental duckett and / or see my counselor. Once you see your counselor, you are super close to going “over the wall”. It should be this week. 
It was a nice quiet day today. Our room has settled down. H-Bang is tyring to behave and keep a low profile. But, it’s a real challenge for her. On Friday, our housing officer said he had his eye on “A Hall” and that helped to quiet it down. Let the heat lift off our room. 
Late this afternoon, they came and arrested Marie. She’s across the hall. We thought maybe Star had changed her mind and pressed charges, but that was not the case. The DA picked up the case because of Star’s injuries. Off to AD SEG she went. Now, she’s looking at additional years. It’s scary how easily you can come in here and never go home. They say Madera County loves to pick up cases. I can’t wait to get out of here. This is why it’s so important to keep to yourself and stay out of the mix and drama. 

H-Bang couldn’t help herself today and as 501 was walking to dinner, she was up in the window banging and yelling and “Ms. M” (Officer) came to our room and said to her “I have to move you to a room not facing the yard”. H-Bang apologized and begged and pleaded for one more chance. Surprisingly, Ms M gave her a second chance. But, if she’s caught in the window banging and yelling, she’s out. We will see if she makes it. 

Day 169 (3/10/15)

Happy Birthday to my Mom.

Another quiet eventful day. One of the jobs on this yard is a “Yard Facilitator”. Basically, they check in and out the balls, exercise mats, and bands when we program. Well, one of the Yard Facilitators is really annoying. She’s an “expert” and really bossy. As I am walking to fill my water bottle up, she tries to tell me I can’t use the water fountain by the basketball courts. “Officer “S” doesn’t want anyone in this area”. I don’t think so “Deputy No Badge”. I just kept on walking and filled up my water bottle. Give me a break and she wonders why someone ratted her out. She was selling phone calls to inmates for “canteen” items. Which, I understand, this is prison, everyone has their hustle, but they were not her phone calls to sell. She was cutting the number of players on the kickball teams, so she could sell the extra slots. Kickball may sound “childish” but it’s a big deal here. You can be rewarded with phone calls home. So, it was total BS what she was doing. So, they (Officers) found out what she was doing. She didn’t get fired, but her room got hit (inspection / torn down) and has the heat on her. She’s mad about it, but it’s karma. She’s one of those inmates that knows everything. Well, you can’t be giving advice if you ended up here. Don’t ever take advice from a “fellow” inmate, just take care of yourself. 

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