Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Days 166 & 167 (3/7/15) "What happens in this room, stays in this room"

Day 166 (3/7/15) Day 53 in Receiving 

Sam went home today. I’m so happy for her. I hope she enjoys her Roundtable pizza today ! I’m going to miss her, but glad to see her get out of this place. 
I walked alone today during program. Jewelz got caught on the yard today getting a tattoo. They got pulled into the Sergeants office and lost every thing. Hair ties, piercings, all contraband. Once you “alter” an item from it’s original purpose, it’s contraband. We can’t have anything while on A-yard. Women pay top dollar for jewelry. So, Jewelz was really upset for losing her piercings. 

Once we came in from program, the bomb went off. The second our door shut to our room, H-Bang went ballistic ! Screaming and yelling, punching lockers, she tore off her shirt, and started pacing like a caged animal. She wanted to know who opened their mouth, because Rule #7 says “What Happens in this Room, Stays in this Room” and someone has been talking about H-Bang and her girlfriend Tiffany. H-Bang has a wife in here and she (the wife) found out that H-Bang has been “late night fucking” someone in this room. Well, Sam’s gone, and we have two new people, so it’s only a couple of us left and I don’t have friends and I keep to myself. So, I just made my lunch and went about my business and let her rant and rave. Then, NayNay and H-Bang started arguing. I’m not sure if NayNay talked (wouldn’t be surprised), but I didn’t care, I’m not getting involved in this BS. I follow Rule #5 “Mind Your Own Business”. I thought they might actually come to blows, but they didn’t and once the dust settled, Tiffany, H-Bang, and NayNay made up and blamed Diamond, Tiffany's ex. Follow ? Keeping up with this ? 
This is why you “Don’t Get a Girlfriend” in prison (Rule #2). Crazy, insecure, women. Too messy and way too much drama. 

Day 167 (3/8/15)

Came back from breakfast today and had two extra roommates. That’s 10 women in an eight man cell. It’s crowded ! I don’t care what others do as long as I don’t get in trouble. 
We did have fun though, we played spades all morning. Got a little nervous when we weren’t sure if we were going to program, because how are we going to get two extra bodies out of here before count ? But, it all worked out. 
During program this afternoon, one of the girls I knew from San Diego, “Star”, was arguing on the yard with her ex-girlfriend. Star and “Marie” broke up last week, but Star told her “we may be done, but if I see you with anyone else, I will kick that bitches ass” and she wasn’t lying. Star saw Marie kissing and messing with some girl she barely knew across the hall and Star was not having it. Star started to lose it. She had to be held back. I’m thinking, we just got outside, we don’t need a fight right out of the damn gate. It seemed like it was all fine, but as everyone was waiting to go out, Star started hitting the girl Marie was messing around with and then Marie jumped in. The girl ran away and Marie just started pounding on Star. Star didn’t want to fight Marie so she didn’t fight back. Star’s face was all bloody when they came and broke it up. Star didn’t cooperate with medical and they both signed “non-enemy combatant” forms. Better to fight as non-enemies in the eyes of the cops. Less repercussion. Star had a broken nose, but wasn’t going to press charges or anything. After they went to the segeant’s office, they went back to their rooms. This place is crazy. I’m so ready to get out of here. 

Tomorrow is a new week. I hope it’s a good one. 

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