Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 58 (11/19/14) There's something wrong with the meat

It’s hump day and one more day until my visit. Things are going by pretty quick. It’s a beautiful day out and the sun feels amazing. I wish we got to be outside more. The walks to lunch are my favorite. The sun feels great and it’s so beautiful out. Breakfast walks to the chow hall aren’t so enjoyable anymore. It’s freezing in the morning. It’s hard to get out of bed at 4am, from under your warm blanket and you have to go outside where it’s 38 degrees. I get up in the front of the line because I can’t get behind stragglers when I’m freezing ! I want to get there and get inside quick. 
The pregnant women in our dorm get a special diet for lunch only. Today, I found out the reason they get a special diet at lunch. They can’t eat the lunch meat that they serve at lunch, so they get chicken or eggs. This is a bit alarming to me because, what is wrong with the lunch meat that they can’t eat it and that it will harm their baby ? Of course we can’t ask the deputies why. I am so glad I don’t eat the lunch meat. I knew there was something not right about it. That is why I have a cheese sandwich everyday. I know there have been times that the meat has been spoiled, but they serve it anyway. I stay away from anything that is questionable. If it’s fresh fruit, I’ll eat it. 
Today when we lined up for lunch, there were a group of girls at the window talking and laughing and trying to communicate with the other housing units on their way to the chow hall. As I mentioned before, this is a big no no. So, because they couldn’t stay out of the window, the entire housing unit lost an hour and a half of dayroom time this afternoon. It totally sucked. It’s so frustrating how a select few can ruin it for everyone. 

Then right before dinner, our deputy says she’s doing inspection for any extras. The number of women panicking was not surprising, and our cells were locked, so they could throw any away. Many thought they were going to be locked down. I was just praying it would be individual punishments, because if we get locked down, I can’t call my kids. I could also miss my visit tomorrow. I was so upset, I could even enjoy my walk to the chow hall. Panic was setting in. Once we got back, nothing happened. Today ended up being a warning. She confiscated what she found, but reminded us she was here all week. Including inspection this weekend. This should make for an interesting 5 days. 

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