Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 60 (11/21/14) "Life is happening without me"

Day 60 today. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for 60 days. It’s tough, because I know life goes on. Life is happening and it’s passing me by as I go through my daily routine, that is nothing of substance. My family and friends are continuing on with life without me. It’s depressing when you think about it. But, I just focus on the positives. What I have learned, how I have changed, and the stronger person I have become. I remember, it’s only temporary. I have so much love and support backing me and a wonderful family to go home to. Not too many women in here can say that, unfortunately.  They have to do their time alone and when they get out, they face the reality where they will go, live, eat, what are they going to do, fight to get their kids back, try and find a job, all the harsh realities of life they will face. 
I found out today that Las Colinas actually offers a pre-release class that helps women find housing, services, employment assistance, and give you clothing vouchers. I am not sure how many women get to participate, because these services and classes are offered in the small re-entry part of the facility. Not the detention part of the facility. But, it’s a start and I hope this can be expanded in the near future to help more women. 
I have been helping my bunkie out with listening and talking to her about her Dad. Just being there for her as she grieves. Then she just found out that CPS is trying to take her kids. There’s a court date in December. Her kids are together and are well taken care of by her Sister, so I helped her out and we reached out to counseling about it. The counselor came and brought her paper work for guardianship and is assisting my bunkie with everything to insure her kids stay together and with her Sister. Then we got her signed up to get her GED. She starts class on Monday and I promised to help her with her homework and study for the exams. Then on her own, she signed up for NA meetings. She said she’s ready to turn her life around and do something. She wants to make her Dad proud. She plans on becoming an inmate worker next month, after she gets her meds taken care of. I am really happy for her. I think she’s really going to do it. The death of her Dad really hurts, but I think it was a blessing for her and the wake up call she needed. I am glad I could help her and be there for her. I hope she is successful with her second chance. 

It may be Stormy, but it never Rains forever 

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