Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 57 (11/19/14) "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum"

Today started out pretty uneventful. Our housing unit is down to 45 inmates. That’s 11 open beds. More and more people are going home. Prop 47 really helped out a lot of women. As our numbers go down, the quieter it gets in here. That’s what I thought, but at dinner last night, one of the girls had a seizure in the chow hall and was taken to medical. While she was gone, her cellmate who is doing a 10 day flash for a probation violation, used her personal stuff. So, today, when she was back to her cell and realized what her cellmate had done, she was pissed and ready to beat the hell out of her. During afternoon dayroom time, she went to her cellmate and said they needed to talk. They went back to their cell and slammed the door shut. Usually, that would mean it’s brawl time. But, the girls didn’t want lockdown or get written up, so she went off on her and told her to “Roll her shit up and get the hell out of the cell”. Then she went to the deputy and said “I have a thief in my cell and she needs to get out”. The other girl rolled up her stuff and got out. She didn’t put up a fight at all. The deputy moved her into another cell. I think when the inmates "take care" of their own issues with the others without violence, the carrying on, the deputies don't mind. But, that would be the "grown up" thing to do and that rarely happens. 
This evening, one of the inmates got into it with the deputy. Our deputy at night has been assigned to our housing the last five days. One of the male deputies has visited her every night. It’s not uncommon for the male deputies to come and check in the units and talk to or help the deputies. But, the inmate was making a comment that the deputy’s “boyfriend” was here. The deputy got mad and told her to stop. The inmate was disrespectful and was calling the deputies “Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum”. Well, that didn’t really go over well. Lockdown she went. The deputy wrote her ass up and the Sergeant came by and he was pissed. He let the girl have it. Assigned her a two day lockdown. Again, this girl just couldn't keep her mouth shut. It still amazes me. No, it's not at all easy in here, but you sure can make it worse for yourself. Rule number one, this is their house ! I’m just happy another day is down. 

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