Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 61 (11/22/14) "I have Tourette's, so sorry"

It’s the weekend, hello Saturday ! I guess my mind still feels a weekend is a good time. Maybe a taste of freedom. I'll take it while it lasts. 
Last night we had some drama. A fight over the TV. I have a feeling that TV is one of the main reasons for fights in jail. It's not like we all have flat screens in each cell with cable and remotes. There is one tv to be shared with up to 56 people. We’ve had some new inmates come into our housing unit over the last two days. Two girls moved in next door to me Tuesday morning. I am not a fan. They are loud, have attitude, and I can tell they are trouble. But, I just stay away and ignore them. Last night after the movie we were watching ended, everyone that was watching tv actually agreed to change the channel and watch the show Criminal Minds. The two new girls had already gotten up and left, but came back 10 minutes later. They came in and start complaining that the channel got changed because they wanted to watch Bride of Chucky and start demanding that it get changed back. Everyone watching told them no. “You got up, we all voted to change the channel, plus you’re new to this unit and we have already seen that movie”. The one girl is not happy and starts yelling out. The deputy comes up and asks what she’s doing.  She replies with “I have Tourettes, so sorry”, really sarcastically and bitchy. The deputy tells her she can have Tourettes in her cell. But, the girl is refusing to lockdown. So, the deputy yells that if she doesn’t lockdown, she’ll lock the entire housing down. Well, this gets everyone’s attention. As the deputy is walking up to her, her cellmate and friend jumps up and says “I see how it is, you have to be black in here to be treated right”. Well, that really got everyone up in arms ! Everyone is now yelling at her that it’s not about race. It had nothing to do about race, it had to do with two little brats not getting their way and trying to mess it up for everyone else. As the roommate was walking away, the deputy says “What cell are you in ?” Everyone starts yelling that she’s the roommate and the deputy locked her down as well. Then the deputy yelled “I’m not new, don’t push me or I will put you on lockdown every time”. Once the two problem inmates were locked in their cell, it was a quiet night. I believe the difference is, some of these girls are here for a short stay, they really don’t give a shit. The ones like myself that still need to go to receiving then prison, your mindset is different. A much longer journey. Why make it worse ? I guess they can't help themselves. 
There has not been any serious issues in this housing unit, until these two in 26 showed up. I hope they learned their lesson. If not, the deputies need to pack them up and move them to a “non-movement” dorm. Again, they have no clue how good they have it over here. Honestly, they are nothing but trouble and we don’t need the attitude or problems. It’s just so irritating to be around this ridiculous nonsense. It’s not too hard to be respectful and it’s not too much to ask. Like I said within a week or two of being here, this place is like junior high school.  

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.