Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 89 (12/20/14) She hadn't showered in 6 weeks

It’s Saturday. I always remind myself when I am down or feeling sad, that it could always be worse. I try and find the positive. Today might be one of those days. Our miserable deputy is not here today, that’s great. Then, I realize we have the deputy that put the entire housing unit next door on 48 hour lockdown. She’s not one to be messed with. I personally have nothing to worry about. It’s the 43 other women in this unit that I’m very concerned about. I guess when we were complaining yesterday, about our deputy, we should have reminded ourselves it could always be worse. I just want to get through the day without any incidents. We have an older lady here that doesn’t speak English and is a little crazy in our unit. She’s been here longer than I have and in the last 6 weeks, she has not showered or changed her clothes once. She fails inspection every week and it’s not very sanitary, yet the deputies don’t care. She stays in her cell, so they ignore her. But, every time we have to go to dinner, it’s a ordeal, because she smells really bad. Yesterday, the chow hall deputy put her at a table far away from everyone, all alone because it was so bad. It’s just like the head lice ordeal, you can’t just ignore it. There are health codes to follow and the risk of disease the jail and county are liable for. If anything, move her to a single man cell and into a non-movement dorm. She clearly has some mental issues. She’s not able to utilize any classes or programs offered. She’s taking up a bed and spot for someone that could benefit from them. It’s just ridiculous how much is avoided and ignored. It’s not good health and hygiene to allow such unsanitary behavior. Tonight at dinner, the chow hall deputy again tried to put the old lady at a table by herself. This time she got angry and refused. She was removed from the chow hall. I am hoping they remove her from the unit. In the old jail I guess, if you didn’t shower, they dumped water on you while in bed or when you got up to eat they would take your mattress and belongings  and throw them outside. The new jail, you can’t do anything about it, but talk to the deputy who usually just ignores the issue. I read the jails rules and regulations, there is nothing about personal hygiene. Only keeping your cell clean and the facility clean. 
They did remove her from our housing unit. I know poor hygiene can be a sign of mental illness. The woman was not all there, but you can’t just throw her in a cell, ignore her, and let her rot in her own filth. It’s not fair or right. 

We have a new inmate. Some of the women here call her “curb creature”. She’s dirty, rude, and has a loud mouth, and is always yelling at the deputies from her cell. If you can’t listen and be respectful, you should not be in this housing unit. There is a behavioral unit for that. I wonder what classification is thinking sometimes when they place these women. When I was sent here, the jail was over populated and I was sent to the behavioral unit because that’s the only space they had. Now, the jail has thinned out. So, classification has no excuses. I think this place is starting to really get to me.

Well, the evening was a good one. We got late night and were able to watch a movie without any arguments. Another day down. 

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