Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 99 & 100 (12/30/14) Lockdown / Life has changed

Not sure what happened today, but at 9:15am, we had another facility lockdown. We got stuck eating our lunch in our housing unit. Thankfully, it was lifted by 1pm. But still, I am over all these lockdowns. We have been locked down 5 times this past week. 2 because of the holidays, 2 for a fight (one in our unit and one next door), and then today's and I have no idea why. I’m hoping I can make it the next seven days with a “normal” schedule. 
We had a great deputy today, but she was irritated with our housing unit. We are supposed to be an incentive dorm. We earn extras like, walking to the chow hall, not being tiered, getting patio time, access to classes and programs, but she was disappointed how dirty our housing unit was and a lot of the cells. She was going to take away our afternoon tv time, but myself and a couple of other women offered to help clean after dinner and she agreed. A lot of these women do not pick up after themselves. They spill and they leave it, they don’t throw their trash away and they don’t put things back (chairs, games, books). It’s horrible. So, after dinner, we spent an hour and a half cleaning our unit. That’s the cleanest it’s ever been. A lot of these women don’t care and take for granted the housing unit they are in. I think the women who can’t follow the rules and those who don’t care and or take the unit for granted, should be moved. I’m tired of them. Let the experience the non-movement dorms like I was in and maybe they will be grateful for what they have. 

Day 100 (12/31/14)

New Years Eve. Just another day here. No lockdown tonight due to the holiday, so that was pleasant. Surprise, spent New Years Eve watching Pretty Woman and then in bed by 9:30pm. As I lay here, I think about my family. The years we would try and stay awake for midnight together. The time my Husband and I went to a big New Years party. It was so much fun. My, has life changed. 

I’m ready for the new year. I am hopeful that 2015 will be a good year and that my family and friends will have a happy and healthy year. 

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