Monday, April 27, 2015

Days 100 & 104 Eyebrows, Skeletor, and Rockstar

Happy New Year. Day one pf 2015. It’s nice to be able to say I will be home this year, even though I don’t get my official release date until after I’m transferred to the Department of Corrections. I’m confident I will be released and be coming home this year. As I start the new year, I’m staying strong and positive. I’m ready to be transferred and finish serving my prison sentence. I can’t wait to come home and start the new chapter of my life. As my journey continues, I hope to help others, promote reform, and create programs that are effective, better lives, keep our communities safe, and end the cycle of crime. 

Day 104 (1/4/15)

Sunday inspection day. This weeks inspection went by quickly. As a unit, we passed and earned late night. Only 2 cells went on lockdown for not getting up for inspection. Today’s going to be a great day. I’ve been looking forward to today and the next two days. I have 3 visits, starting with today's. It was just me and my daughter. We both needed that visit. I was in a great mood after our visit. But, got a little sad because I miss my daughter and friend very much. I am happy to have spent the time together, laughing and talking. It was a really wonderful visit. 30 minutes after my visit, we went on facility lockdown. Seriously, this is the second time this week. I am so over facility lockdowns. Not counting our holiday lockdowns, I have been through 8 facility lockdowns. 
The lockdown was lifted shortly after 4:30pm. I was just glad to get our evening dayroom time. We have late night tonight, we get out until 11pm. We have not earned late night for the past 2 weeks. 
The new year has been pretty quiet and peaceful in our housing unit. Until tonight, when  a fight broke out a little after 9pm. There went late night and back to lockdown. 

We were watching a movie, when a group of girls decided to clown and make fun of Eyebrows. Eyebrows has tattooed eyebrows. So, these girls got up and drew eyebrows on Skeletor (yes, that’s her prison name) and attempted to do her hair the same. Then they came back, sat down, and started laughing and talking shit. Eyebrows got off the phone and went to her roommate and asked what they were saying and doing. When she found out, that set her off. Eyebrows tried to call Skeletor over, but she refused to get up. So, Eyebrows grabbed some toilet paper and came up to Skeletor, got in her face and told her “take it off”. Skeletor replied with “fuck you”. She told her again to take it off. She refused. Eyebrows went to walk away and then grabbed Skeletor’s hair, yanked her head back and started punching her in the face. In all the commotion, Rockstar jumped up and started wailing on Eyebrows. The two of them were throwing down. The deputy got up and told them to stop fighting at least 3 times. They wouldn’t stop, so she pepper sprayed them . Rockstar ended taking the brunt of it. The fight ended immediately. We all locked down as 4 or 5 deputies rushed in. All 3 girls were rolled out of our unit. Another day at Las Colinas.. 

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