Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 97 & 98 (12/28/14) Inspection / The sun will shine

Sunday inspection, our cell passed of course, but 12 cells failed. Over half of them because they were not up and ready for inspection. The deputy had to go wake them up. Totally ridiculous. This deputy didn’t even start until 7am and we usually would start at 6am. These women have no excuse. So many cells were on lockdown, we lost tv privileges for the entire day, including the evening. Really sucks for those of us that follow the rules. I guess we're supposed to help the new women and work as a unit to get ready. Not sure how that’s possible when we are locked in our cells. The only person you can help is your cellmate and if they refuse to get up or follow the rules, what are you supposed to do ? We are grown women here. Start taking some responsibility and get your act together. I hate inspection day and not because of the actual inspection, but of the consequences I may face because of others. Others I cannot control. Well with no tv, the dayroom was pretty boring and the time went by slow. At least, I had a good book to read. 

Day 98 (12/29/14) The sun will shine sometimes

It’s Monday, the start of a new week. We have our tv privileges back today. I’m ready to get through another week. I had a visit today from my Husband. I got to visit with my Husband and kids yesterday afternoon. We schedule all our visits on Sunday and Monday so I get them in before I transfer. Today was a great visit with my Husband. The deputy on duty gave us almost a full hour for our visit, instead of the normal 30 minutes. It was incredible and I really enjoyed that extra time. On top of the extra time, the deputy also scheduled my one hour visitation with my son ! They have a program here for mother and children visits outside the normal visiting schedule. I’ve been trying to get one since October, but have been unsuccessful. But, I refused to give up and continued to apply and put in requests and then finally I got approved. The deputy scheduled me for every Tuesday night in January from 5-6 pm. One hour visit with my son. It’s only for children 12 and under, so unfortunately, my daughter does not meet the requirement. I won’t get a chance to use all the visits with my son because I’ll be transferring, but I am very happy and thankful to get one in before I transfer. I am very excited and have something great to look forward to this week. 3 visits. Sunday with my daughter, Monday with my Husband, and Tuesday with my son ! It works out perfect right before I hopefully leave. It was a great day to start off my week. 

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