Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 95 & 96 (12/27/14) I need medical. Too Bad

Another holiday done and over, with 6 days more days until the new year. I am ready to put an end to 2014 and get 2015 started. Today was pretty uneventful. Mrs. B came back from medical today pretty upset. 5 months ago she saw the doctor about a foot problem and pain. The doctor told her she had bone spurs and ordered her a pair of orthopedic shoes. We are given plastic sandals to wear and they are very bad for your feet. Needless to say, she never received the shoes the doctor ordered for her. Mrs. B even offered to pay for them. She didn’t want the shoes denied for lack of funds by the San Diego Sheriff. Still no shoes. She had her follow up with the doctor today and was told her condition was worse because she keeps walking in the sandals and not the orthopedic shoes. She’s facing surgery if she cannot get the shoes. She gets released in 3 weeks, she will thankfully be able to see her doctor when she gets out. 
As inmates, we are given medical treatment, the doctor’s seem to be pretty good, the problem lies with approving the doctor’s orders. Whether it’s ordering shoes, scheduling a surgery, filling a prescription or ordering a special diet. I mean, we are incarcerated, but we still have medical needs. We are human. There are those that work here that care and treat you with respect and then there are others that could care less. Like the deputy that told the inmate “I don’t know why you bother with treatment, you’re going to die anyway”. The inmate was battling cancer. They become judge and jury deciding whether or not you deserve the antibiotics the doctor ordered, or allowing you to see the doctor when you’re in pain, or even telling you “Oh well” when you were served spoiled lunch meat or rotten fruit. I know medical treatment while incarcerated has always been an issue, now I’m actually witnessing it. I really pray I never get really sick in here. 

Day 96 (12/27/14) Put Up or Shut Up 

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. But, today was not. We had lots of drama. At lunch today, we found out one of the inmates in our dorm was in here for child abuse charges. I thought you were automatically kept separate with those types of charges, but I guess not. She was telling people, so I guess she didn’t care. Well, my roommate decided that that was not acceptable and went to kick her ass in the chow hall. She got up from the table and myself and another inmate stopped her. we had her sit her ass back down and reminded her she only had 10 months to go and did she want to spend the full 10 months on lockdown ? She would have only been hurting herself to prove what ? We don’t even know the circumstances or the details of her charges. She’s supposed to leave on Monday, so why give up your opportunity for schooling, contact visits and work for a complete stranger ? Plus, I don’t want to suffer the consequences of a fight in the chow hall. 
So, we diffused the the lunch situation, but another arose at dinner. We have a new girl that showed up at our dorm on Tuesday. We call her “The Spitter”, because she spits all the time. It’s actually quite gross. Well, tonight, she decided to spit in the chow hall while we were in line at dinner, narrowly missing the girl in front of her. The girl got really upset and made a huge scene. Then the entire dorm went off about how disgusting she was and how she needed to be removed from our housing unit. The deputies finally addressed the issue and removed her from chow hall. She stayed in our housing but was on lockdown for 2 days. She leaves Monday morning, so we don’t need t worry about her anymore. 

Then 7pm rolls around, we are out for our evening dayroom time and within 5 minutes of us being out, a fight breaks out downstairs in cell 11. Now, we are being locked down for an hour and 45 minutes. Locked down because to selfish bitches have to go at it. The couldn’t wait until 9:50pm to fight ? It was so petty. I was pissed the entire housing unit suffered because one of the girls couldn’t be “punked like that”, when she was the one talking shit behind the other girls back for two days. Cuba got mad about a comment Cort made on Thursday when we were in line for dinner. But, Cuba didn’t say anything or kick her ass right then. Instead, she spent the next 2 days talking shit, including telling Cort’s roommate to give her the message. Total immature BS. Cort ignored her and laughed it off, but Cuba wouldn’t let it go. So, Cort went to her room and confronted her and told her if she had something to say, say it ! Then I believe it was “Put up or shut up” and Cuba “put up” and gave her a black eye and possibly broke Cort’s nose. After Cort got back from medical, she was rolled up and sent to 3F (behavioral). Cuba was supposed to go to 3E, but begged to stay. She’s still here but on a 3 day lockdown. I’m irritated that Cuba’s still here. She should have been removed too. I’m sure there will be lots of bragging, but I really don’t care. It’s just a bad High School here. Please let me transfer ! 

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