Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 90 (12/21/14) 1680 hours on Lockdown

I have been here officially 90 days. In the last 13 weeks I have been in two housing units, 5 different cells with 7 different cell mates. I walked to the chow hall 103 times, ate 39 bananas, 11 pieces of chocolate cake. I’ve had 89 cheese sandwiches, and drank 178 milks. I’ve been through 13 inspections, 6 facility lockdowns. I’ve read 16 books, received 189 emails and 14 postcards. I’ve received 2 gift packs, had 27 visits (14 video / 13 contact). I’ve purchased 64 envelopes, 13 postcards, and have earned 8 late nights. 
From 9/23/14 through 12/21/14, I’ve spent 2178 hours here, 498 hours have been out of my cell and 1680 hours spent in lockdown. 

We had inspection again today. Up at 6am. Same deputy we had two weeks ago, so we knew what to expect. But still, 8 cells failed and went on 24 hours lockdown. They tell you ahead of time they are doing inspection. How can you fail ? 
It’s going to be a quiet night tonight tonight. The funny thing is, Butter got locked down. That means, no watching “Charmed” tomorrow morning or her taking over the newspaper. The little things we have to look forward to.
The deputy told us we were one point away from the entire housing unit failing and going on lockdown. How the hell is that possible ? She marked us down for the trash, the dayroom not being clean, and the showers being dirty. Are you kidding me ? The inmate workers come 2 times a day to take care of the common areas. For the past 5 days, she’s turned them away and then refuses to let us have the cleaning supplies to clean. So really ? We almost failed ? More like she was setting us up to fail. Everyone’s been complaining about it all week. This is our temporary home, give us the chance and we will keep it clean. At least most of us will. It’s very frustrating. I’me just glad we passed and we have a new deputy on shift tomorrow, and with some luck, today will be my last inspection. 

Today’s thoughts: Life has a plan. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is impossible, and miracles happen ! Lord, please give me the strength to keep believing this. 

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