Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 68 (11/29/14) Hidden in a latex glove and fell out

It’s Saturday, today went by pretty quick and I wasn’t as bored as yesterday. I also had my visit tonight. So, I'm sure that helped me day out. My visit was incredible as usual. My Husband and both kids came to see me and we had a really great time ! It made my night. Our deputy today was super cool. I enjoyed 3 hours of criminal minds this morning, then after lunch I had a very hot shower. When the water is hot, the showers are very nice. But, we always don’t get hot showers. There are times when it’s barely luke warm and there are times it starts out warm but turns cold while you’re showering. I have figured out the best times to get hot showers, so I’m pretty lucky. It pays not to sleep all day long. Like they say “The early bird gets the worm” and the hot shower.
After my shower, I went down to watch tv, but the deputy was playing the jail orientation video. The video is incredibly boring and really needs to be updated. It’s really not good at all. Once that was finally over, we watched tv, but the girls playing cards changed the channel. Myself and another girl was not having it. They are playing cards and not even watching tv and no one wanted to watch a movie that was half way over. So, we asked the deputy to change it. Then the crying and complaining started. Usually I don’t care, if something good is on, I’ll watch it, if not, I’ll read. I don’t get worked up about it, but today, I wasn’t putting up with their crybaby BS. They weren’t even watching tv, so we told them “You’re playing cards, we are watching tv, so we get to decide the program.” We watched Storage Wars and I just ignored there bitching. They are grown women, act like it. Instead they act like a two year old throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way. These women (well 80%) are very childish and extremely annoying. None of them are worth the time and effort to fight or argue. I just ignore them. I don’t need their negative energy around me. 
We got late night, so we were out until 11pm, but after we locked down, the excitement didn’t end. The “C” housing unit that connected to ours, had drugs in their unit and around midnight, the deputies raided their cells and brought the girls into our housing unit to strip search them. They used our “multi-purpose” room, I’m sure it was to split them up. I heard it was 6-7 girls that got searched and 2-3 of them got rolled out. One for sure was caught with heroin. It was hidden in a latex glove and fell out of her when she had to squat and cough. I’m not sure how they got it into the unit. I was wondering if it was from their contact visits. Because “C” housing has visits before us on Saturday evenings. My bunkie heard someone snuck it in through booking. When she was in school on Wednesday, she heard someone rolled in with it. I had heard rumors that there were drugs in the 3-A,B,C, and D housing units, but I had not seen any. Guess they occasionally get in here, but they eventually get caught. I heard about a raid that happened in “F” about a week before I arrived back in September on a girl who had gotten crystal meth in there. But, they busted her. Right before I transferred into this new housing unit, there was a girl on a 10 day lockdown. I finally had to ask her how do you get a 10 day lockdown ? Well, I guess she got caught trying to smuggle in heroin in here through a contact visit. 

Drugs may be a lucrative business, but it’s a very risky one. Just when I thought it was getting boring around here. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. 

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