Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Days 79 & 80 (12/10-12/11/14) Repeat Offenders "Frequent Flyer"

Day 79 (12/10/14)

The prison bus came last night. Helen and Piggy got transferred. I was a little down they left, not because I wanted to go with them. But,more of, if they didn’t go, I knew we would all be going the next week. Now it’s a guessing game. I could go next Tuesday, the following Tuesday, or 4 weeks from now. It’s the unknown that drives me crazy. I’m a planner so, this “maybe going” or “maybe not going” is killing me. For security reasons, they don’t tell you when you will be transferred (county to receiving). The prison bus comes on Tuesdays. Sometimes every week, sometimes every other week. You don’t know until that night after 10pm when they have you roll up and transfer you in the middle of the night. The only way my family will know is when I stop calling. It’s hard to have to prepare to say goodbye every week. I am hoping it happens quickly, as to not put myself or my family through the agony and torment of the waiting and guessing. 
Thought of the Day: If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine. 

Day 80 (12/11/14)

Happy Birthday to my Sister ! 
Today’s inspiration comes from my 12 year old Son who emailed me “Don’t Stop Believin’, I will always keep believin’ in you, love Son” I am one lucky and proud Mama to have been blessed with two very amazing and special children ! 

Today is the first day I have seen someone go home and return. One of the ladies in our housing unit went home 4 weeks ago in early November and today she’s back. I know it happens often, but after 80 days, it’s the first time I have seen it. Usually when a “newbie” walks in the door, someone knows them. Whether it’s from the streets or they did time together. Lots of repeat offenders in here or “frequent flyers”. It’s hard for me to comprehend. I never want to come back here. I don’t want to know people as they walk in here. I don’t want to have the menu memorized, know the deputy’s schedules, reminisce about stories from the old jail, or when I went to prison. That’s all I hear about all day long. I wouldn’t be proud to be a “frequent flyer” or a jail “know it all”. That’s what I call them. They think they know everything and anything about jail, prison, and court. Some even try to give legal advice. It's ridiculous and most of it is so exaggerated, wrong, and not true. Just the other morning, one of the “know it alls” was saying how they removed eggs and Chirizo from the menu and believed it to be fact. I was wondering how she found out ? She sleeps half the day and other than meals, she never leaves the housing unit. Well, two days later, we had eggs and Chrizo. So much for being removed from the menu. This is the annoying non-sense I am subjected to on  a daily basis. 

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